Folk/Americana/Indie Rock delivered to your hometown, full fledged on the streets or in a venue of your choice. We play anywhere, anytime, in any way we want. We're a band of jets, fighter jets.


Hailing from Yellow Springs, Ohio, Wheels plays their own brand of music. Some might call it Americana, but they’ve dubbed it ‘outdoorsy bird funk’ – a high-energy, foot-stomping hootenanny steeped in bluegrass tradition, seasoned with classic soul and rock n’ roll, and delivered with a forward-minded and innovative approach. Known for their stunning three- and four-part harmony vocals, the band consists of Rory Papania on guitar, Sam Salazar playing mandolin, Jamie Scott providing percussion and harmonica, Sam Crawford laying down the bass, and Conor Stratton covering everything in between. Show after show, Wheels delivers an energetic and engaging performance, always leaving the audience wanting more of this one-of-a-kind experience.


"Fields On Fire", 2010, Full Length
"Morse Code/So Fast" 2011, 7 Inch Vinyl Single
"Big Feeling" 2012, Full Length