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When Freedom Dies

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The best kept secret in music


It starts a bit weird and with a metal feel to it. But then I get knocked
down by the best and most entertaining hardcore I've heard in a long time;
raw, tight and well played - and melodic. I can't avoid thinking about
Blood For Blood; especially the vocals are quite similar. The lyrics are well
written and has something to say, and it feels kind of good with a band that
plays as good music as BFB but without all the bitterness which can be
pretty tiring. Some times you can catch glimpses of So Cal influences in
melodies and harmonies, and my favorite tracks on this packed disc are
the ones that are a bit slower and has a bit more melody to it, for example
Control, Power Trip, Set Things Straight, Voices Alone and Yesterday's News.
- Horrorshow Fanzine

These guys hail from Conneticut, but sound like they could be from New York,
by the sound of their music. These guys play Hardcore music in a New York
style. They have an old school New York Hardcore style like SICK OF IT ALL ,
S.O.D. & AGNOSTIC FRONTmixed with new school Conneticut Hardcore.
The music is hyper fast & very aggressive sounding. This I liked a lot. I love
Hardcore like this!The vocals are done in a mid ranged Hardcore style that
reminded me of S.O.D., H20, BIOHAZARD, SPUDMONSTERS & old HELMET
all mixed together. These guys are one of the best Hardcore bands I've heard in a long
time & I hope to see a lot of them in the future. All fans of Hardcore & Metal
will dig these guys. Support This great band!!! - Beowolf Productions

bass line opens up this recording with "Playing for Keeps" before the whole band enters with heavy and furious riffs and rhythms. The music here has fast guitar riffs and plenty of hardcore influences from bands like early Agnostic Front or No use for a Name or even some early D.R.I. With direct rhythms and riffs and with the goal to achieve extreme aggression. There are some breaks where the loud can be heard doing some interesting phrases. The vocals here are furious and aggressive full of anger and aggression. The compositions are short and direct and they are really effective in transmitting all the aggression that this band delivers to the listener. A band designed to unleash pure violence ! - Music Extreme


2004- "WFD self titled demo"
2005- "Minor cuts" EP played on the Anti Emo Empire on WNHU and F'N Radio. Songs on several compilations including: Punk Occupation 12, Burned in Baghdad Vol II, Punk For Life Vol III, Burned in Baghdad Vol I, and The Harder the Better Vol 8.
2007- "Lasting Impressions", just being released.


Feeling a bit camera shy


When Freedom Dies a Connecticut hardcore band that when they're not practicing or recording they're playing as many shows as they can. They started in 2003 as a band influenced by old school hardcore bands like the Gorilla Biscuits, Bad Brains, Cromags, Agnostic Front, and Sick of it all. They are constantly getting tighter with positive lyrics about common struggles.