When Freedom Dies

When Freedom Dies


Fast hardcore with some melodic punk, very heavy, sing along, fun and energetic. Sounds like, Bane, Comeback kid, Ambitions, With Honor, Strike anywhere, rise against, etc. Band has been around for about 4 years and is releasing a second full length titled "Lasting Impressions"


When Freedom Dies a Connecticut hardcore band that when they're not practicing or recording they're playing as many shows as they can. They started in 2003 as a band influenced by old school hardcore bands like the Gorilla Biscuits, Bad Brains, Cromags, Agnostic Front, and Sick of it all. They are constantly getting tighter with positive lyrics about common struggles.



Written By: When Freedom Dies

Crawling out from many years of pain, this is exactly what I have become. Invisible walls, let anything through, they're here to protect, protect me from you. Pieces of me, are collected each day. A piece of my heart, a piece of my soul, a piece of my mind then you threw them away. Come to save me, dont evey say goodbye, Leave me hear to rot another day. Beating of my heart never on time, but I will pretend that we were meant for so much more, we're starving for some progress everyday. Between each breath, I suffocate more. Though I survive I turn you away I know its my time now to even the score. Come to save me, don't even say goodbye, leave me here to rot another day. Finally, you're not controling me.


2004- "WFD self titled demo"
2005- "Minor cuts" EP played on the Anti Emo Empire on WNHU and F'N Radio. Songs on several compilations including: Punk Occupation 12, Burned in Baghdad Vol II, Punk For Life Vol III, Burned in Baghdad Vol I, and The Harder the Better Vol 8.
2007- "Lasting Impressions", just being released.

Set List

The sets depend on the crowd, we typically set up quick, never play to long, then break down so the next band has plenty of time. We cover a song by the Gorilla Biscuits titled "Forgotten".