When Heroes Die

When Heroes Die


Melodic hard rock that with a strong vocal hook. Years of playing together that make the rhythm section think as one cohesive unit. A strong three piece which demands you keep listening.


All of the members of When Heroes Die have been playing music for several years and in the winter of 2005 they found themselves playing music together. When Heroes Die takes everything to the limit as a three piece and prefer it that way.

“It’s the best lineup we could hope for,” says Justin, When Heroes Die singer and bassist. Justin and guitarist Keith share the songwriting and both agree that they are definitely on the same page. “Every time I come up with a basic idea for a song he adds his touch to it and makes it that much better,” adds Justin.

Jeff brings years of experience behind the drums and proves to be well rounded and a master of the “hard hitting feel” that When Heroes Die bring to their music. With Justin and Jeff as the rhythm section of the band it becomes obvious that the two have played together for many years. “Every band that’s been important to both of us has had the other in it,” says Jeff of the years playing together.


My mistake

Written By: J. Couture

They call you freak
Then they say monster
The bastard awakes
All your pain, it’s been fostered
How long till you break

See me tremble
Watch me shake
Now that I have lived through my biggest mistake
My mistake

I know you’re bleak
You lay there broken
The memory won’t fade
They cut you down
With words they’ve spoken
How long till you break

There’s no one better than me that knows better than you
That you’re better than you are
There’s no one better than me that knows better than you,
You’re better than you


Written By: J. Couture/M. Holden

Be yourself and fall behind
Hide your eyes they’ll think that you’ve gone blind
Never thought I’d hear you say
Here we go another dreaded day

So please wake me if I’m dreaming
Let’s call this what it is
All that we could’ve been, but couldn’t work it out
All that you said you knew, and I thought you’d figure out

Fall behind and find your place
Blinded by your own perceived disgrace
Never thought I’d see you stay
There you go to another dreaded day


When Heroes Die released a six song demo in the Spring of 2007 which has received increasing attention on the internet.

Set List

When Heroes Die are a predominantly original band playing sets up to just over an hour. Occasionally a cover or two are thrown in under the right circumstances. Past covers have included Tool and Chevelle.