When Im Dead

When Im Dead


With big inspiration from bands such as As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Bring Me The Horizon etc. we play fast intense music, with challenging drums, stunningly riffs and a changeable vocal. We are now ready to hit the live-scenes, making a blast of a party! -playing the music we love!!


When Im Dead (WID) is a Danish metalcore quintet from Vojens/Aarhus. WID has played together for more than two years, even though we had some changes in the Line-Up in the beginning, and just recorded their first EP, Follow This Scream, with 5 tracks at TrackZ Studio, produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Zalewski.


In Between Myself

Written By: When Im Dead

Are you also confused?
Take your time
I’m not surprised

Waking up at night
Feeling like I’m falling apart
With the scissors in my hand
The voices’ telling me I’m paranoid

People are lonely. It is only natural
It’s what gives me compassion for others
Make me hope, make me dream
Of a better tomorrow

Though there are still lies and losses in the past
Where the truth can’t be revealed and the losses can’t be found
And handless I search in the never-ending sea
While the thought’s going to my mind that my time is waste of life

Following your footprints through the snow
Abandon my shadow for a while
Bury me once again before its ending
They will never know if this is right

When I’m alone you strike your cold fingers down my neck
Your soft blow on my arm makes the tiny hair rise
Your hand on my mouth silence my scream
Don’t follow this scream
I’ll be better off when I’m dead

I know how it feels to see inside yourself
You’re all but all right
You are all my inner agony

They think I’m crazy
But I found you
In between myself

Somewhere Else But Here

Written By: Lars Dahl

Now it is my time to start the fire
The Jack D makes the girls go crazy
Skeletons are dancing at the bar
We got a fire in the amplifier
But we don’t fucking care

Follow me to the edge of the desert
Follow me to the stars and the candles
Follow me ‘till you’ve had enough
And then keep going never stop

Lose your mind. Lose control
Never stop. Never let go.

This is my time. This is my plague.
Get the fuck out of my face

They’re asking me:
Where do you go when you are all alone?
I’ll go somewhere else but here.

Just Another One

Written By: Lars Dahl

She always believed in the good part of all people
She always believed God would protect her from all evil

All alone in the dark
Sitting on the couch
There you’ll find
Her once blond hair is stuck to her face. Drenched by sweat and all turned red
Blindfolded. Arms on her bag. Clothes ripped apart. Bruises turning black

You will find her left alone in the dark. Tied to the couch with a tear in her eye
She begins to think that this is the end. Thoughts she had try to deny
Happiness is only a shadow and in the end love will make you cry

Try to deny
This is not the end
This can’t be the end

Drawling on the pictures of her
Watching the video he made of her
Thrilled by the hours to come
She is just another one

Random girl on the street.
Random place. Random meet.
Random daughter. Random son

She can no longer deny

Eyes On The Horizon

Written By: When Im Dead

If you fall for me I will not be there to catch you

We will watch the stars burn out
Enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine
Wonder about our future path while I’m telling you the truth so harsh:
I will not catch you if you fall for me

Sucking in our very last sweet kiss
Memorizing the unique scent from your hair
Caress my arm from elbow to fist
While walking to the place where we first met
Hand in hand!

You will not catch me if I fall for you

Looking down the mighty abyss. Literally this is our place
Your voice so ominous when you talk to my face:
Keep your eyes on the horizon
Once together but now where done
Forever gone

Memorizing you and me
Standing at the place where we first met
Hand in Hand.


December ´09:
Follow This Scream (EP)

Set List

At the moment we got 12 songs but here is the set-list from our last live-show:


Somewhere Else But Here

A Living Hell

In Between Myself

The Right Choice

Just Another One

A Way To Make It Impossible

Never Thought we could Be This Blind

Eyes On The Horizon

A Bullet For Unspoken Romance