When Life Hands You Lemons

When Life Hands You Lemons


It's music for all generations. Reincarnating blues and folk rock into popular indie music that can be listened to whether you're 15 or 50. Every song is completely different than the previous. From B.B. King to Bright Eyes to Jimi Hendrix, this record has a sound all of it's own.


When Life Hands You Lemons

Zach Watson's When Life Hands You Lemons is the purveyor of emotive, folksy indie music that makes friends wherever it is heard. Lemons’ song styling captures the simplicity and honesty of folk, the soul of blues, and the aesthetic of today’s indie scene, with the result being music that transcends time in terms of appeal, finding fans among modern youth as well as older generations. When Life Hands You Lemons reaches out to a wide range of listeners to find its fans and a look at a cross section of Lemons listeners would reveal a wide variety of people.

A Writer

“I’ve never really thought of myself as much of a musician. I’m a writer,” says Watson. Naturally, whether or not he thinks of himself as a writer doesn’t change the fact that he is an incredible musician and that he has found a unique and compelling voice among his peers, creating songs to which people can relate and which bring alive the emotions within the listener, inspiring ideas and new ways of thinking. The reason Watson doesn’t consider himself a musician as much as a writer is that Watson is a message-focused songcrafter. He recognizes the importance of the music but for him it is the augmenter of his words. “It adds beauty to what I’m saying or trying to convey. The music decides the tone of the song. It decides if it’s optimistic or pessimistic.” Of course, Watson's reasons for not considering himself a musician only serve to reinforce the fact that he is keenly aware of music’s ability and purpose and that Watson is, indeed, an accomplished musician. And writer.

Soul In

Total effort is what makes the songs of When Life Hands You Lemons the artistic accomplishments that they are. Watson considers it important to put all of himself into his creative endeavors. “I put my soul into writing and don’t compromise for anything. Every line and every word is there for a purpose and I’m proud of that.” Putting his whole self into his songs means that each song is a manifestation of the artist and can bring the listener that much closer. In addition, it serves as living memory for the artist himself. “When I hear my songs, the music and writing brings me back to the time and mindset of when I wrote them.”


Watson is always seeking new ideas to use for his compositions. New territory and fresh concepts are what drive Hayes and When Life Hands You Lemon’s captivating music. “I try to write about things that people haven’t written about,” he says. A new CD of Lemons tunes is on its way so listeners everywhere can enjoy some fresh freshness from Watson. When Life Hands You Lemons is currently working with A&R Select, the top independent A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“It’s evident from the songwriting behind When Life Hands You Lemons that a lot of thought and humanity go into these musical efforts.” – A&R Select


Dirty Streets

Written By: Zach Watson

A man can’t go along indefinitely carrying around a key that don’t fit anything
There must be reason for all his time
I’d leave my riches and life back east, for poverty in LA
I’d roam the beaches and dirty streets

I’d keep all my kings in the back row
And do all the things that I’ve been shown
Cause there’s only one-way to go
And I ain’t goin home

I shouldn’t waste my time with stomach knots, holdin’ my headshots instead of a steady job
But I can’t work the nine to five
How can you get by when all your friends are just coke heads and worthless
You need someone to care about your health

I’d be less like man and more like god
If I’d lift my hand and grab my thoughts
Cause they’re running to fast for me to think
And this leash of a pen is losing all its ink.

All This Life

Written By: Zach Watson

There’s a thought in my head
Will I trace my father’s footsteps?
Will I marry or escape
To a city that keeps me safe
I’m afraid and I’m mad
I long for thing’s I cannot have

I’m so tired. It’s true
Why do I even still think about you?

I go days without seeing light
I swear I could live the hermit’s life
It’s just like Henry said
You get so alone at times it just makes sense

I grew up way too fast
I lost anything I ever had
I know mom, I complain too much
But sometimes it’s just not enough ya see,
All this life, it’s killing me.

I knew it’d come eventually
Waiting for winter to surrender to spring
Under the vast delicate sky
It’s just I’d like to live to see myself die.


Written By: Zach Watson

I wish it were you screaming zach
digging your fingernails deep in my back
instead it was me on the phone, drunk as can be
now all alone, I'm still slurring my speech

in the mornings i'd be your coffee
or the comfort of home when you needed to sleep

Often embarrassed too much so to speak
to write of something with almost no history
You missed the first one you'll probably miss this
with your wild eyes focused on his

in the mornings I'd be your coffee
or the comfort of home, if you needed some sleep
Now i know, i know that this can't be
but all this life is killing me


All This Life -2007
© When Life Hands You Lemons 2007

Set List

All This Life
Dirty Streets
Morning After
Drinking With Jesus
I'll See You Next Year
Tabula Rasa
It's All Right
Something Warm