When Systems Collide
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When Systems Collide

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Live Music Review"

Sarnia rock band When System Collide landed at Clinton’s for their first Toronto show as part of a TIMA showcase. It was an eclectic lineup that featured a heavy metal band with faces painted and another who thought they were Alexisonfire circa 2004. In the middle was a non-annoying half an hour of indie rock with great hooks. The guys started their set with an excellent new song structured around a guitar riff reminiscent of U2’s The Edge courtesy of latest addition Ben Ainsworth on lead guitar. Lead singer Derek Walsh strummed on an acoustic guitar to complemented Ainsworth’s effects laden electric guitar. Bassist Dan Ainsworth plays his instrument like a lead guitar at times, which helps define their sound and sets them apart from other bands in the genre. Further helping turn Walsh’s singer/songwriter style songs into a full rock band is drummer Jason Edwards who never fails to keep time, while adding a bit of flair to traditional rock beats. WSC already self-released two CDs in 2011 and have been playing constantly for the past year opening for such Canadian classics as April Wine and Econoline Crush. Too bad the set was so short, everyone in the bar had their feet tapping and were hoping for more. But with such a bright future, I’m sure we will be seeing more of When Systems
Collide. - Ramble On Music

"CBC Radio 3 Blog"

When I think of Sarnia I associate other places like Windsor, Lake Huron, even Detroit, and now...Tennessee.

Ok, I know this isn't a word normally associated with one of Canada's southernmost cities, but after you get a taste of Sarnia's When Systems Collide I think you'll think of Tennessee too. And, you'll think of it tenderly, with a fragile, melodic soundtrack attached. - Amanda Putz

"when systems collide with your earholes"

When Systems Collide With Your Earholes
Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am a terrible music journalist. This is probably not something I should admit considering my gig as a writer for this web site. This, you know, music website. I’m usually the film and TV guy, so music really isn’t in my wheel house, or house of wheels or whatever other phrases involving “wheels” or “houses” (an entire mansion filled to the brim with tires?) you can think of.

I’m not going to bombard you with flowery clichés about “Infectious hooks” or “virtuoso guitar licks”. The truth is I don’t care about these kinds of descriptions. When it comes to my critical thoughts on music, it basically only falls under two categories. Tunes I dig and tunes I don’t dig. I dig When Systems Collide.

I’m going to eschew any attempt at describing When Systems Collide (get off my back, I’ve already discussed my shortcomings, let’s not harp on them), and just roll with the band’s official stance on themselves.

“When Systems Collide is a new indie rock band from Sarnia Ontario. Their unique songs are filled with melodic guitar, insightful lyrics and memorable vocals. Their debut EP – Save Us, We’re Slow, was released in January 2011. Their 2nd EP – Tennessee is due to be released June 24, 2011.”

Rising from the ashes of Johnston Memorial School (R.I.P.), When Systems Collide is Derek Walsh (vocals, guitar), Kevin Forbes (guitar), Dan Ainsworth (bass) and Jason Edwards (drums). In case the previous sentence wasn’t crystal, all of these cats attended the same elementary school. This astounds me. I have contact with very few folks from my elementary school, the rest are probably in prison or dead (I can only assume). Being able to cut a record with someone you played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with seems strangely special to me. I’m going to stop running my mouth (keyboarding fingers?) and just allow the music to speak for itself.

Let’s lend an ear to a track from their forthcoming EP Tennessee. *These are Demos*

How about another free taste? This track is a personal favourite.

Fantastic stuff, I think we can all agree. We had better all agree (shakes fist in anger)! Like a drug dealer I gave you the first taste for free, the rest is going to cost you. Why not help these hardworking minstrels out and buy their new EP Tennessee, available here on June 24, 2011. Also on June 24th, if you live in Southwestern Ontario and like live music/human contact, you can attend the EP release concert at the Trinity Lounge (146 Christina St. Sarnia). Here’s the official show release…

“We are happy to announce the release of our 2nd EP – Tennessee, June 24th at the Trinity Lounge. Performances by the wonderful Jadea Kelly, Ben Ainsworth, George Alexander and When Systems Collide.”

So go have a beer, listen to some tunes and grab yourself a copy of this quality record. Grab one for your mom, your mom’s friend and your mom’s friend’s dog. Groupies report straight to Dan Ainsworth for immediate sweet lovin’ (all overflow goes to Derek Walsh). - Kyle Smith


EP - Save Us, We're Slow - Released January 2011
EP - Tennessee - Released in June 2011



"When Systems Collide, one of my happy new discoveries"

~ Amanda Putz, host of CBC Radio One's "Bandwidth"

When Systems Collide is an alternative folk rock band from Sarnia Ontario. Their unique songs are filled with melodic guitar, insightful lyrics and memorable vocals. Their debut ep "Save Us, We're Slow" was released in January 2011, followed by "Tennessee", released in June 2011. They have been featured on CBC Radio One's "Bandwidth", the Indie Rock Show at 95.1 (Chatham/Windsor) and the New and Emerging Rock Show at k106.3 in Sarnia. They have had the fortune to open for bands like Elliot Brood, Econoline Crush, and the Sunparlour Players.