when the light turns red
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when the light turns red

Band EDM Acoustic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"What do you do when the light turns red?"

you may come to a question at a red light what do i do when the light turns red? Well we have the awnser you dance! When the Light Turns Red is an acoustic act with a big finish. Michael and his brother Howard Monsour want to blend old music with new. Now i know what your saying how? Well i whent to a show to see just how they do it. It was in Granbury Texas a normal small town, but the kids that showed up to the show was no where near small. I was in a smaller compact room with what looked like young highschool kids excited about the next preforming act. When the music started all you saw was a computer but then michael comes jumping out with his brother by his side, and you can feel the crowd yell! I watched these two adolicent kids do what they say is something for everyone michael says "i just want to go out there and show kids my age we can all do something we feel is right, and your never alone so speak out and have fun because we dont stay young forever" As the show comes to an end i watch as michael and howard go up to allmost everyone at the concert and hug them, and thank them for supporting there dream it was something that even moved me. So next time you asked what to do at a red light? You say get ready to move forward, because hats what i see by these young kids actions. - Sam Larson


Single Released on iTunes!
"The Letter From Above"
E.P. Set to release in December 09.



It all started when michael and his brother started playing music. They knew that this was something they found excitting unlike other kids who wanted to play touch football michael and howard wanted something that could make people smile,cry,and excited all at the same time! They wanted to add the older style of music(folk,blues,) with new age style(electro,powerpop,indie) So they started WTLTR, and have been playing togther about a year and a half and they have recorded a 8 song E.P. had more and more buzz on there myspace, and they have had radio play in the fortworth and san marcos local stations. They hope to keep this dream alive that one day a new style will emerge and a new music revolution will begin. because its desperately needed.