Westminster, Maryland, USA

Melodic original anthemic rock with Medieval/Celtic influences and a touch of psychedelia. Lyrical stories conveyed by five part harmonies, dance propelled by electric guitar and violin, flute, hand percussion, drums and bass, and visual stage props and marionettes. Energetic tales and good times.


In 2010, the evolution of WHEN THUNDER COMES continues. The additions of Mary Jane Oelke as violinist/flute/vocals along with Huston Jacobs on drums/vocals and Marv Egolf on bass/vocals propel the songs to a new level, texture and spirit. The shows feature the best songs from the past three decades by David Cawkwell. The performances consist of Medieval/Celtic influenced songs with a psychedelia nod that allow, urge and compel the listener to visualize the story line of each composition. With many shows under their belt and active MySpace and Facebook sites, WHEN THUNDER COMES’s goals are to move forward rapidly to spread the positive feelings of good times for all. Veteran musicians at the top of their game, the main inspiration for them is their love of the songs, the joy they bring to each member, and the warm responses from audiences.

In March 2009, WHEN THUNDER COMES released their newest CD, “500 Miles”. This project represents 1 ½ years of work with no time or expense spared. The music combines 60’s sensibilities with 80’s new wave rock with a very modern alternative sound. These anthemic, upbeat and melodic songs are a breath of fresh air in such complicated times. Four part harmonies, psychedelic guitar leads, and a thread of Celtic flavor merge together with precision songwriting. The title cut, "500 Miles", opens with Rickenbacker 12 string guitar, orchestral keyboards, and the unique lead vocals of David Cawkwell. Some listeners have suggested that the sound harkens to Jethro Tull/Midnight Oil meets U2. After several live performances, it became evident that the audience hangs on every word of the lyrics. Vocalist, Yvonne Valley,layers a distant, ethereal harmony to the lead vocals.

In 2007, WHEN THUNDER COMES released their 4th CD,”FAREWELL NOSTRADAMUS”. This was a very eclectic production that showed versatility of sounds and ideas. The medieval theme weaved a rock opera style with dark and light moments. In addition to these recordings, there are eight other releases in the legacy and continuing evolution of WHEN THUNDER COMES.


Pride and Passion

Written By: David Cawkwell

Woke early morning, knew that I felt the same. Barely started to open my eyes when I knew that it wasn't the same. When your lost...I will find. When your lost...I will find. Baby you and me...it's a fantasy...baby you and me ..it's a fantasy...Pride and Passion..makes us change ! Pride and Passion...blows me away ! Just f\before some time has passed..a year's gone along the way, my heart still burns a a fevers pitch, I feel the winds of change. when your lost, I will find, When your lost, I will find. Pride and Passion, makes us change, Pride and Passion, blows me away !


Written By: David Cawkwell

Early morning's dawn, a mist on horizon. On the cliffs of Morr, ocean wave wash away the shores. Going up to Gallway...City of Tribes, Going up to Gally..City of Tribes. On the Dingle bay, oeean ships bring the catch of the day. On the side of a hil...a castle wall and a tower ! Going up to Gallway..City of
Tribes. I love Ireland..I love Ireland.... The Celtic thunder, the pouring rain and the shadow of a cross. A sound in the night...the ring of a bell...it was Fire ! Going up to Gallway city of Tribes...I love Ireland

Endless Seas

Written By: David Cawkwell

Ships in the night preparing, the lines fall one by one. The captain's eyes looked worried as he glanced back to the shores. A dangerous journey, no stars shine in the sky...A dangerous journey no stars shine in the sky. Stand till they rise and fall watch those waves come down, stand till they rise and fall watch those walls come down...they' down on me. The endless seas 2 ships that pass in the night. I can't remember because you just play pretend. The clouds are forming the moon does blind mine eyes. The misty moonlight the dreams that keep me right.

In the Dark

Written By: David Cawkwell

These words are written down,read by pale moon light. As I drank from my cup something feels not right. I felt impressions forming in my thoughts. Answers the questions of hiding in the dark. If you don't know, if you don't care, if you don't know then you're no where. As I watch the visions move, the words that you spoke. These chains around my neck...my throart began to choke. I felt impressions burning in my heart, Answers the question of hiding in the dark

Land of the Ancients

Written By: David Cawkwell

Who knows what lurks behind thru the shadows of night. A shiver runs down my spine hearing a distant sound. Really can't tell what I see. Really don't know how I feel....Land of the Ancients ! Who wrote the book that tells the secrets now has come and gone. Thru the moon light the clouds are formed, a shiver runs down my spine. Land of the Ancients. Face to face, the demons from hell. Flesh burns off their face. Faith no more, fear and lise, run into the wind.


See main photo"Time Line" for the pictures of the 10 releases from 1979 thru 2008.

Set List

Pride and Passion, Ireland, Something Real, Naked, 500 Miles, In The Dark, Land of the Ancients, Dreaming, Endless Seas, Farewell Nostradamus, Being You, Circle World, Brave Heart, Good Ole' Days, Wonderful Day, Dance Around My Fire, etc. (75+ songs)