When We Were Giants

When We Were Giants


Progressive rock with a pop sensibility and nostalgic feel. Taking influence from punk, rock and pop bands and acts as well as personal experiences.


When We Were Giants started in spring 2011 when a small band deteriorated leaving two members which then became the band as we know it now. The band is located in lincolnshire and consists of Greg Simpson and Kane Storr who play all instruments themselves. In this formation When We Were Giants has released two albums and an E.P but are constantly writing for their next release. Their latest release, "Loose Lips and Sinking Ships" received international airplay and positive reviews, Introduce: Yourself Zine ended their review with this "The music industry could benefit from more like minded people and definitely from their music.".


When The Ship Goes Down

Written By: Greg Simpson

I can still see the path we made to get to the right place so no one could ever find us there
so far from it all without a trace, so far from it all without a care
so here I am again
waiting for the moment to catch my breath and
here I am again
did you honestly believer I ever left and I'll

Sail on
it's what she would have wanted all along
sail on
and the worst of this is you're where I want to be

I still remember the sounds of planes and nearby industries
and when you said that you had the best of me
and honey it was true
I was proud of you
but if I leave call me a liar
because I said I'd never leave but oh so
honestly my dear
you had the best of me

So let me go, just let me go
'cause when the ship goes down it's going down with me

and when the ship goes down
I'm going down with it
believe you me I don't regret a thing it's true
and this is it
this is it

I've gotta take this chance to let me grow
I'll write you letters in the snow
and when the summer comes around
I'll be the best part of this town
So let me go
but I'll come back
I'll be the first
I'll be your last
so let me in
and let me be
'cause when the ship goes down it's going down with me

and I'm the captain of this ship
and we will sail when it's too much
'cause a second at exhaust
is the minute I give up
and we'll sing oh we're coming home
so have faith in me
'though there's an ocean between
look how it's so serene
but now we're coming home
girl, we're coming home
but if we never get home
then when the ship goes down it's going down with me


Written By: Greg Simpson

Am I everything that you thought I’d turn out to be all those times that we spent chasing our own tails? We spent our days in the quiet grasp but we never strayed too far from our friends and from the places that we knew. Do you remember it? Because it feels like ancient history to me. So is life everything that you thought it would always be all those times that we spent planning for something else? All the things we’d hate back then are all the things you grew to be. I like to think we haven’t changed, but that’s just me. Because I had plans to move down south with all the birds and settle down. I was just trying to find the room to breathe and so were you but I hope one day we’ll meet in the middle at least. I kind of miss those little talks we’d have when we’d run away and hide, and if we weren’t back by sunset, we’d still be fine.

...and it felt like an adventure when we were young.

I Was Quite Adventurous When I Was Alive

Written By: Greg Simpson

I’ve always been a dreamer, so is it such a crime? Isn’t it obvious who’s losing when each day’s a struggle for bright? I wish that I could reinvent myself, take a train up the east coast and stay there for a while. Maybe believe myself when I say things are looking up because I painted words inside my arm but what use are they if I wont listen? My hours blur into eachother and I can’t seem to find the words inside this heavy heart I carry. Still, my eyes are heavier. But one more day and I’ll be fine, I’ve come over worse than this with wrists intact. Just don’t be the one who lets me down. We’re safe but if I’m being honest I think I’m just scared of the winter to come by this year because I know what it is now, I think that’s what scares me the most. So given the chance and the circumstance I will sleep it off but we both know I’m better than that. So if you just give to me the days to see this through, I wont let you down this time. I could forget our wrongs before they do.

If you just tell me how to feel like we did when we were young, then I could find my voice again and this time I wont drown.

...Where I Want To Be

Written By: Greg Simpson

We’d watch the sun set behind the field beside the house we’d haunt and we’d talk about the things we want from life and what we’ve lost. We’d shed our clothes to feel the cold and God, we were fine in the quiet grasp of true blue eyes. All the while the clocks tried to take our blood and the hands around my neck held on tight. Still, we tried to find a smile. But I swear it never stayed this cold on the nights we spent in the worst parts of this town, trying to hold it together. Trying to wait out the weather. Maybe it was the warmth of another soul that had been cut up the same. There’s nothing like another ghost stuck in their ways. But I’ll be home tonight, for the cold and all the bright lights and because winter these days means that everyone’s as miserable as me. But when I get home tonight, we’ll trade tales of what we have seen this year and I’ll miss it like hell, but we built something here. I’ve lost track of where we’re going, are you settling again? Are you missing the way we use to play? Because I am.

And as I’m counting down the sunsets until I leave to settle down, the radio plays on and for once, I feel like I’m where I want to be.


Eyes Wide and Willing (Full Length) December 2011
An Agony In Five Fits (E.P) March 2012
Loose Lips and Sinking Ships (Full Length) October 2012