where are you houston

where are you houston

 Massillon, Ohio, USA

powerdrivin emotionally clever but at the same time it can catch any ear and stick with you till you sing to it a million times passionate unique but at the same time you feel like youve heard it before Its like bombs going off while staring at the sky eopic


Where are you houston is a very hard working, passionate band.Very loving and connecting with fans and people. influenced by life and cracks in the concrete we do the best we can to perfect our music and reach all kinds of diffrent people and give reason to what we do and why we do it. Many bands these days try to just get big or blow up we just try to reach out to as many people as we can and keeping it skeptical and that has made all the difference from being featured in Alternative Press magazine to Playing vans warped tour and receiving radio air play to 5 million my space profile views, if you make aloud enough noise people will hear but if the noise you are making is understandable people will listen


WE received radio air play on kiss fm cleveland
A story we tell our selves acoustic ep-2008
Box the stars album-2008
2010-full album

Set List

7-8 songs 45 min covers depend on what time of venue we play with different crowds our shows sell out 75% of the time