Where Astronauts Go To Hide

Where Astronauts Go To Hide

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Where Astronauts Go To Hide infuses the traditional folk of yesteryear with the independent rock movement of today, and produces a very relevant musical concoction.


Where Astronauts Go To Hide is a band with a sense of adventure.
Joshua Pederson met Rachel Kahn based solely on their mutual vegetarianism in Chicago, Illinois in 2007. With a half-decade of practically unexposed songwriting under Joshua's belt, the duo began playing the songs around town at a variety of small venues. After a year of playing in front of crowds in Chicago as well as both US coasts, Joshua chose to enlist a few musicians from his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. This introduced his brother, Andrew and another pair of siblings, Michael and Matthew Krumm to the core lineup, though concert attendees may see a variety of auxiliary musicians on stage with the group.

In April of 2009, Where Astronauts Go To Hide released it's newest effort, "Amongst Friends," and have performed extensively in support of it. The album marks a transition in Pederson's songwriting, from dark and somber to bright and fulfilling, a change deliberately made as Joshua claims, "nobody wants to listen to me complaining." "Amongst Friends" contains catchy songs about maintaining hope and love while trapped in the Midwestern landscape. 2009 saw the band sharing the stage with influential bands including Land of Talk, the Good Life, and Murder By Death.

The group sees the sky as the limit and 2010 as a blank canvas upon which to permanently inscribe its name. They will release their next full-length, entitled "Little By Little," come summertime and will spend most of the year tacking miles onto their odometer.

Currently, the band isn't sitting waiting for a sign. Rather, they're working their behinds off to get their music in ears, doing practically everything themselves. A band with such an increasing knowledge of the industry is a force to be reckoned with, and they will never compromise their integrity.

They will write the songs they want to write, and people will hear them.


"Amongst Friends" LP- 2009.
"The Tragic Wreck of the Hexxus," LP- 2008.
"Everyone is Okay" EP- 2007

Set List

35-60 minute sets. No covers.