Where Did Nora Go
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Where Did Nora Go


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"“Astrid Nora's volcanic voice glows and rises as the image of a huge wing span unfolds.”"

“Astrid Nora's volcanic voice glows and rises as the image of a huge wing span unfolds.”
“The sound comes out strong and charismatic and she truly possesses an impressive musical impact.”
“On Where Did Nora Go’s EP there’s a somber tone, but still Nora manages to seduce the listener with her amazing voice through the dreamy pop.”
“She manages to take absolute power over the music - and the listener for that matter.”

“I’ll claim that Nora's voice will at any time be able to put me in complete trance.”
“Music I cannot remember having heard before.” Bands Of Tomorrow (4/5)

”From the very beginning is the brilliantly obvious that Astrid Nora has struck a different exciting oar. Opaque layers of atmospheric sounds, added dripping water and a whispering, hoarse and panting voice.”
“Astrid Nora's vocals really hit the mark. It is obvious that her lyrics are based on something that is near to her heart. They are delivered with great passion and are a delight to the ear.” Lydtapet (5/6)
“The music has an impressive impact, and appears incredibly beautiful and poetic. It differs from most music on the Danish music scene, and the dark and slightly mysterious atmosphere makes the music incredibly fascinating to listen to.”
“Where Did Nora Go delivers this message with a beautiful, poetic and evocative elegance, and it marks clearly the feelings and thoughts behind the music, and especially Astrid Nora's amazing and authentic vocals.”
“The sound is both somber, mysterious, surprising, and extremely exciting. We’re very much looking forward to the debut album.”
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Bands Of Tomorrow (4/5 Stjerner):?http://bandsoftomorrow.com/3799
Ugens Undergrund på Undertoner: ?http://www.undertoner.dk/2012/05/ugens-undergrund-where-did-nora-go/
Lytter.dk: http://lytter.dk/where-did-nora-go-imponerer-med-smuk-og-poetisk-musik/
Århus Stiftstidende: http://stiften.dk/cd-anmeldelser/where-did-nora-go-away-away-away
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EP "Away, Away, Away" May 2012
Album "Where Did Nora Go" January 21st 2013 in Denmark and January 25th in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.



6/6****** “The album is filled with an atmosphere that is both somber, determined and dreamy. There is compassion and passion from beginning to end. Astrid Nora’s vocal is one of the most unique to be found in Danish music at this time. It is strong and yet so vulnerable” LYDTAPET

5/6***** “Already after the first two numbers Astrid Nora has show remarkable strength.
Through all the songs and temperaments Astrid Nora’s feeling for melodies flows and her voice, which has its own sound, right there on the alluring line that separates empathetic beauty from overdone manners.
Yes, Where Did Nora Go is well on her way. Where - nobody knows. Just like Nora in “A Doll’s House ‘. But with a talent of this magnitude, there is reason to be optimistic. Also on behalf of Danish rock .” BERLINGSKE

4/6**** “Gifted and inspired pop album from Danish Astrid Nora”. Reminiscent of both Ane Brun and Anthony & the Johnsons” GAFFA

4/5**** “Where Did Nora Go has delivered an album on a really high level. The album is gloomy and cheerful at the same time. You get lost in reveries or become encouraged - depending on one’s mood. In other words: Where Did Nora Go has it all. Astrid Nora appears vulnerable and strong at the same time … The vocals are in a league of its own, the production is beautiful and the overall impression extremely well.” BANDS OF TOMORROW

“One of the most amazing things about Astrid Nora is that she creates atmosphere and sympathetic insight with her music. You are left in awe when hearing her silky and authentic vocals, gently accompanied by her cellos delicate sound. Formidable.” LYTTER.DK

“Overall a brilliant master class shown by an artist who is on the brink of domination, the production has to be commended too, the elegance is unreal at times. With the album coming out on January 21st we recommend everybody to pre-order this album pretty soon. It’s not often you get an album out nowadays with so much sophistication, counteracted by guile, swagger and punch. This is not your simple pop album you put on to have 10 minutes of bopping up and down, this is sophistication, class and love in a cd case.”