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THE PLAYERS: Brett Dearth, lead vocals, lead guitar; Chris Hammer bass, backup vocals; Tiger Shaw, drums.

MATERIAL: "Party Band" may be the best description of WHERESBRETT. These guys serve classic blues-based rock. An assortment of infuences can be heard in the material. Which includes Cheap Trick, ZZ Top and Van Halen. Stand out songs in the set are the commercial and catchy "Always" and "Diamond Rings". Both of which have infectious guitar riffs atop power chords, cool harmonies and thunderous backbeats.

MUSICIANSHIP: WHERESBRETT Transmit a big, full sound for a trio. Bandleader Dearth Plays Double duty as frontman and lead guitarist. While his vocals are competent, it is his guitar playing that shines. Dearth's easy transition from power chords to energetic and tight riffs is impressive. Bassist Hammer and drummer Shaw are no slouches either. Hammer thumps melodiously and assists Dearth with back up vocals. Shaw is a skilled and polished drummer who plays aggressively and with flamboyance.

PERFORMANCE: No one could have accused WHERESBRETT of a lackluster performance on this evening. From the moment these musicians took the stage the performance level was at 11 on the richter scale. Dearth jumped about the stage. As he and Hammer displayed genuine camaraderie with each other. Even while tucked away in the back, Shaw made his presence known with his Raw energy, enthusiasm, and stylish technical performance. Dearth and Hammer both played to the crowd the entire show and the audience cheered them on.

SUMMARY: With a fun and straight forward approach to music, WHERESBRETT can be summed up as a good, old-fashioned, Rock and Roll Band. In fact, anyone who longs for the days when bands like ZZ Top and Van Halen dominated the scene should give this act a shot.

- --Anne O'Neary Music Connection Magazine 10/09/06 to 10/22/06


Our first full-length self-produced album "The Onus", was realesed in 2004 on our own label, and is available on our website. Our second (currently untitled) album is scheduled for a 2007 summer release, with sample tracks available on myspace.



We are three individuals coming from different backgrounds who bring our life experiences to the lyrics and music. With collective influences rooted in classical, blues, jazz, and all forms of rock, each member of the band brings diversity and individuality to every song we have.

The music never becomes mundane, as each song
is often re-shaped and re-born in different ways. We have created the band that we would want to go see and hear; for example, a rock song on our album, it might be played "reggage-style" during a festival gig, then done half-time acousticaly in a coffehouse the next night. Thus, by integrating improvisation into a set of tight album-standards, we give our audience something different to remember and feel, every time we play. Which, of course, keeps our fans interested, entertained, and always coming back for more.