Where's Charlie

Where's Charlie


FlamingLips/JackJohnson/Radiohead/Santana: trippy vocals, chillin acoustic guitar, funky bass lines and some aesthetic electric guitar. Then it's all rounded out w/ straight-forward, but rock solid drumming, some chilled out Rhodes piano and some cool little percussion parts.


Hello people. We're glad you found our page, so welcome and thanks for listening.

If you really want to know, the 5 of us in the band (Dustin, Charlie, Jed, Brian and Scott) are just 4 regular guys, best friends and purely into music for fun. There's no pretension here. We have never been able to wrangle our music in under one label. Some people say we're bluesy, funky, groovey....who knows? We have so many different influences it's impossible to decipher where our sound came from. I think one thing is for sure though; if it sounds good and has a sweet/weird vibe, we dig it. We started as a 2-man band a few years ago. Dustin and Scott would play local acoustic shows nearly every weekend during the summer of '05. Soon we added Charlie, Jed and Brian. Now we're Where's Charlie?

We're embarking on an adventure into musicland armed with a brand new 6 track EP (not yet named) that will be fresh off the presses in a few weeks. Produced by Gabe Doiron (of Private Sector) at MusicCreek Studio in St. Loius, we're really proud of the groove session we laid down. This was our first studio session and we had some fun. We think that really comes across in our music; groovey, dancible jams.

We play locally around St. Louis and play regulary around Chicago. We're always looking to travel for shows. Just ask.

Thanks - the boys


1 EP ( no name yet)

Set List

We have the chops to play for 2-3 hours.

However, our specialty and favorite is to play 1/2 to a full hour and keep it original and energetic.

A typical setlist:

Trashcan Man
No Love
Debra - Beck
Race for the Prize - The Flaming Lips
It's Actually You
3 More Days - Ray LaMontagne
Wash Away
Sgt. Peppers - The Beatles