Where's Lawrence?

Where's Lawrence?


Blended melodic rock music laced with poetic, surreal lyrics. Violins, guitars-both electric and acoustic--mandolin, keyboards, bass, ukulele and drums that come together to form a great live show and a unique style that is big and ethereal. Our live shows are quite often hits with crowds.


We are a group of late teen to early twenty somethings that are very passionate about the music we play. It can be loud, moving, melodic, chaotic, and strong willed. We take influence from anything, but especially bands like Neutral Milk Hotel, The Arcade Fire, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Sigur Ros. We formed over a year ago and have since recorded an EP and LP that have went over well locally with our fan crowd. We recorded in New York for the LP, and on our way up we toured through Illinois and Pennsylvania where we were well received in both. We are known for our live performances, lyrical value, and melodies.


You Have Returned

Written By: Brian Kupillas

She'll make a heart for you
And paint your dreams lovely too
As you sleep in the dark

You've returned to all of this sadness
And she'll sing you to sleep in the grass
You will be crying in the sunshine when she leaves

I want this forever

You've returned in me
Like rain to the sea
I fear I will never come back

She'll turn your grave into a garden
And make the rain taste so good
I know the voice waits for me
Some place, where I'm all I'll ever be

You make me feel like I was meant to be alive
You make me wonder what it's like to die

I look for you in my sleep
You are just a ghost in my dream

Drinking spoiled milk from mother's breast
All the lives we live and days we've spent
Are all lost, but they were beautiful

You make me feel like I was meant to be alive
You make me wonder what its like to die
You make me feel like we were meant to be alive
You make me feel like I'll be happy when I die
You make me feel like I've been alive
Love makes us feel, like we are alive

Bird Cages

Written By: Brian Kupillas

Sister I can see your ghost
In the river I can see your soul
And it's swimming back home
To the place where the babies grow

Where my brothers sleep until they're freed
From this world, able to breath
Like the wild birds that they will be
They were just the breeze to me

And father your eyes are gone
Your spirit has moved on
To the place where the rain is made
Deep within God's place

And I've had dreams where you've said
That all our skin will be shed
And the bones will make the mountain tops
One day all our growing stops

And we will change into rusty cages
Dying sad, living for minimum wages
And the dreams we had will never stay
All we are will go away

Mother I never knew you
All you were was just a feather falling
And in my dreams I am still alone
Sleeping on death's holy throne
And my dreams they are just of birds
Singing pretty songs I've never heard
And of ocean growing until it's sky
And all of God's beauty will die
And the pretty sadness of life
Will forever be by my side
And the great journey of my soul
Will forever, leave the cold
Of the winter where I've always stayed
And I will be in God's place
And I will be in God's place

When our bodies are gone
I swear we will be something
Oh, how I want to become something
Our souls will be glowing all traced in golden
Outlines and lining all made from the finest
Of angels breath and God's flawless flesh
And we will be pretty all perfect and nifty
Hung from the heavens, called stars by the faithless
And we will make fire for the darkness of time
And hold it in our hands for everyone to find
And then gather about it, breathing the embers
And burning their lungs with the truth of forever
That heaven's what you make it
And we will be perfect

And love will survive, passed this life
Love will survive, passed this life
And I will have water all pouring from mountains
And huge fields of flowers all growing on top them
And natures first gold will stay here forever
It will live in my house and inside every pasteur
And wild naked children parrading through oceans
Of tall grass and streams made of milk and love potions
Nectar and honey drip from leaves of forever
And lovers will sleep on the hillsides together
And painting each others bodies with mine
And the sky will be perfect all of the time
And the birds will be singing a song I remembered
Escaping your throat from what feels like forever
Ago in a past life that isn't so interesting
And when we die we'll forget all the history

And when you get to God's place you'll make yourself small
When you get to God's place you won't feel nothing at all

Just promise when we wake up that this will be true
That the purest of water will be flowing over you
And that my eyes will melt but I will still see
What this beautiful thing has made for me
Because forever's a promise that time made to us
That it won't start until our bodies turn to dust
Until our bird cages have been eaten away by rust

Beauty Fell

Written By: Brian Kupillas

When I was born the moon melted away
Turned to silvery liquid that ran all over me
And the sun vomited forward flowers and spring
And there's something within us that makes this place ring

And when I was born my sister was asleep
And the birds planted their melodies in me
And the blood turned to water and I was washed clean
"We will pass like wind through resting trees"

When I was born the clouds turned into ash and rain
The trees held me inside of their wooden veins
And the dead in the forest sang me a song
And an old soul told me "we can never stay long"

When I was born, my mother turned into wind
And she passed through us like we were resting trees
And father let me down into the wishing well
They say all beautiful things once fell

When I was born men carried me through the woods
Showed me all things that were righteous and good
And they rolled me around in the moist loose dirt
"Here is where we belong, it is all that we are worth"

After I was born, my brothers went looking for her
Deep in the forest they dug in the dirt
An old soul told me "we can never stay too long"
"Because every day some of us must move on"

They say all things must fall
To become beautiful at all

A Light

Written By: Brian Kupillas

I follow some footprints I found out in the snow
It leads me to a dream from long ago
When I was just a boy, naked and free
Born from old hands that left me in the stream
Where my brothers souls passed by me
Like sleeping ghosts beneath the stream

And I see the tree that my father became
Every seed he drops grows just the same
As I did, in his shadow trying to find the sun
But all I want to do is to try and become
Something that is oh, so wonderful
And you will become something so beautiful to me

Love will survive
Passed this life
We will feel so good
We will feel so good

And in the distance I can see my home
And everybody's there but I am all alone
And my feet have begun to root themselves down
Beneath my father's branches I am finally tied down
And a soft rain comes and I feel safe
On my fingers I can start to see some leaves

Love will survive
Passed this life
We will feel so good
We will feel so good
We'll lose our minds and bodies
Turn to water and to steam
Become apart of everything
We will all be so happy
Be so happy

Then I wake up forget my name
Turn to see my father's old grave
And everything looks so dead
Why does everyone look forgotten?
Look for God in...
Look forgotten....
Look for God in...

I see a light in my dream
And I sink into my journey

I sink into my old house
And I am back in this well

Why does everyone look for God in...
Look for God in the sky...
Look for God in the clouds...
Well I know God it's in my head!


The Voice in the Ocean EP and The Boy in the Well are our two releases. Both received radio play in Conway and Fayetteville, Arkansas. Our next show will be advertised on a larger radio show and we also have four tracks from our album, the Boy in the Well up on myspace.

Singles would include:
The Comedy
The Wife at Sea
I Am the Siren
You Have Returned
The Boy in the Well
The Forest...You're Nothing Anyway

Set List

We can play a few different versions and up to two hours per set. We do not do any covers.

The Boy in the Well
Death is a Bird part 1
The Forest...You're Nothing Anyway
Beauty Fell
The Wife at Sea
Bird Cages
You Have Returned
A Light
I Am the Siren
Death is a Bird part 2
The Voice