Where's Veronica?

Where's Veronica?


'Where's Veronica?' play hard-dancing, genre-bending, psychadelic rock music. This particular 4-piece fuses elements of funk, electronica, and mathy-yet-rythmic based rock music seemlessly.


”So, you’re in a car chase. Foreign nationals are following you down a long, deserted, winding road. You suddenly think, I need some chase music. Where’s Veronica? is what you reach for.” - Miranda Nelson, the Navigator

Where’s Veronica? embody sweaty paranoia, pressure and progression; using crazy live junglist breaks, spyplane keyboards, and scrupulous guitar plots, to create a tricky ultramodern sharpblade funky villain-rock. But if you ask them what that all means they probably will shrug their shoulders. “Psychedelic Spy Rock” might be a more accurate term but I’m not sure what that means either. What we do know is they are one of Vancouver Island’s must see bands. Here is their timeline:

2003 - Programmer and keyboardist Andrew Wilson and bass player Will Gendemann bond basement jams in Duncan, British Columbia. They make a verbal agreement to back a certain female singer who claims she’s got festival hook-ups. Drummer and Victoria friend Ned Saric joins the scheme. The men hammer out a set for the elusive vocalist, but she is never heard from again.

2004 - The songs keep coming. New vocal/atmospheric-guitar help from journeyman rocker Brad Lundquist, also from Victoria, and Where’s Veronica? deliver performances that quickly become small town legends. Great support from the south Vancouver Island scene.

2005 - Rocked parties like Portalpalooza, Spring Sayonara, Open Air Festival(Funk-Fest opening for Wassabi Collective), live sets on CHLY radio in Nanaimo, and CFUV in Victoria. Four days with Zak Cohen at the Woodshop Studios resulted in enough music for a full length album. The “self-titled” debut CD was released in late 2005. Girls. Dancing. Everywhere.

2006 - In March of ‘06, Where’s Veronica? were declared the band of the month on 91.3 FM “The Zone” in Victoria. Their most recent achievement is nominations for the Vancouver Island Music Awards in the categories of: best male songwriters, best male vocalist (Brad Lundquist), and a nomination to Zak for engineer of the year for their debut recording. The highlight of ’06 was a slot at the Diversity Festival on Texada Island which has inspired these guys to hit the festival circuit hard in 2007. Go see them when they hit your town.


No Hands

Written By: Where's Veronica?

So what's the point?
When everyone's after me
You can't see what I see

Have nothing better to do
Than burn down
My Neighborhood

And you're so brave
So Brave

I said it once
And I'll say it again
That's mine...
...And this is mine....
...And that's mine...
Well that's just fine
If you don't like it
Then you're crazy.

You're so brave
So Brave



2004 - "Doorf*Cker!" EP (sold-out)
*2005 - "Wheres Veronica?" LP
contains single "Drunktank" and VI '06 nominee "Mina Harker".

Online mp3s of us can be found at these URLs:




Set List

120 minutes of original material.