where the land meets the sea

where the land meets the sea


Featuring former members of lock and key.


Where the Land Meets the Sea formed under the influence of whiskey, frustration, and friendship in 2006 between vox/synth player Nikki Dessingue and former Lock and Key guitarist Mike Vera. The project began with an acoustic guitar and a $75 Yamaha keyboard in Mike’s bedroom in Allston, MA. The search for a rhythm section seemed insurmountable until ex Smoke or Fire drummer, Nick Maggiore, and current Movers and Shakers bassist, Dan Wallace, came into the picture. The next year was spent taking inspiration from some long-time favorite influences, ranging from Minus the Bear to Cursive, Death Cab for Cutie to The Anniversary, to churn out their brand of dueling boy-girl indie rock. It wasn’t until a few months later that Vera and Wallace took a note from Sean Connery’s best work “Zardoz” and gave the band its novel-esque name. After a couple sessions in the basement of the Hotel Buckminster, far too much use of a Macintosh and chemical abuse, they had their first demos. Nearly a year later, Where the Land Meets the Sea completed it’s usurping of former Lock and Key members, by swapping Wallace for L&K’s latest bassist, J.T. Hargrove. Where the Land Meets the Sea is scheduled to release their first 5-song EP this fall after only 2 long years of preparation. Whatever, these things take time.


Listen for the gulls EP 2008

Set List

Typical set is usually 6-7 songs taking up no more than 25-30 min.

"It's the same here, just a little worse"
"All is Soft [Strawberry Jam]"
"Learn to Swim"
"Troubled Sleep"
"Title Bout"
"Tiny Maps"