Where Vegas Lies
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Where Vegas Lies


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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Addictive Sonic Assault"

Addictive sonic assault here guys!!-thumbs up all around!!-killer vox/guitar-awesome rhythm section and SONGS!!!-just UNIQUE and yet familiar tunes!!-great production,lyrics and ATTITUDE! - The Rhythm Handlers


May 2009 "Where Vegas Lies" Full Length Album "The Ace of Forgotton Hearts"

2007 "Where Vegas Lies" EP "Faithful Sins"

Single "Lady Luck" on Clear Channels partner radio stations for new music.



In the summer of 2007 a group of guys joined to perform and preach the everyday fantasies that the average human shines away from. They work to open everyone’s eyes to life’s pleasures, and pull them away from the worries of being damned. This group out of Houston, Texas calls themselves “Where Vegas Lies”.

“Where Vegas Lies” was built through the eyes of Chris D’Angelo, guitarist/vocalist, who wrote about personal experiences and how he wanted everyone around him to break out of societies expectations. After a long journey with his former band “Drive By June” Chris built a home studio where he laid his tracks and ideas on the table. Chris met Daniel Crane, lead guitarist, through an ex-girlfriend. Daniel had a free spirit personality and was always accompanied with the presence of a lady. Not ready to commit to any serious relationship, his guitar was his life time partner. Chris also met Kyle and his cousin Kevin at a past “Drive By June” concert. Kyle, bassist was an original member of “Drive By June” in 2003. Kyle welcomed Chris to his house in Sugarland, Texas where alcohol and music were the main attraction of the night. Kyle loves to entertain himself with a friendly atmosphere and people he is comfortable around. His cousin Kevin, drums/percussion, was also in attendance at the show, and would be interacting in the nights activities. Kevin has been playing drums with Kyle for as long as they could remember. Kevin was more laid back and just wanted a chance to perform. Not always partaking in some of the partying and consumption that the other members were joining in on, he was always there to witness the lifestyle of “Where Vegas Lies”.

After about three months of rehearsal these four men known as “Where Vegas Lies” performed their first show at a local coffee house. The show was a hit with over 200 in viewers for a venue whose capacity wasn’t big enough for. “Where Vegas Lies” moved on to bigger venues and bigger events; opening for bands like “Jupiter One” and “Run Kid Run”. In April of 2008 “Where Vegas Lies” put out their E.P. entitled “Faithful Sins”. There single, "Lady Luck", was broadcasted on “Supernova’s” pod cast and “94.5 The Buzz” new artist.

Cody Willke took management over the band and started booking shows at different local venues and pubs. Cody’s main goal was to put heavy hitting shows together with good bands and good draw to expand “Where Vegas Lies” audience. “Where Vegas Lies” played on a bill with a band called “3 Kisses” from Brenham, Texas. The two bands worked well together and built a strong relationship with each other playing show after show. “3 Kisses” later pitch the group to their label “Rat Pak Records”. “Where Vegas Lies” signed with “Rat Pak” at the begin of March, 2009 and are currently working on their first full length album entitled “Ace of Forgotten Hearts”

This group of guys pulled together for one main reason: to open the worlds eyes to the human lusts that fuel the fire for our society today. Their lifestyle of pleasure, entertainment, and sinful touch creates the journey of “Where Vegas Lies”.