Where We Hide

Where We Hide


Where We Hide is a melodic hardcore band with melodies and energy reminiscent of early Saves The Day and Lifetime, and with heavy-hitting parts similar to the likes of With Honor and Bane. Catchy, Energetic, and Hard.


Where We Hide started out in early 2007. Soon after we recorded our first demo, we played our first show opening for Set Your Goals in our hometown. Since then we've played nonstop in Buffalo, recorded a second demo, and are starting to tour in Summer '08. Our main influences are early Saves The Day, Strike Anywhere, Nofx, and Bane. What all five members have in common is our passion for punk, hardcore, and our love of playing music in general. With a tight, energetic live show, and eagerness to tour seriously, Where We Hide isn't stopping any time soon.


4 song Demo (Early 2007)

3 song Demo (Late 2007)

We have five streaming tracks up on myspace. (www.myspace.com/wherewehideny)

Set List

Once You Throw It Away
Each Fond Memory
Everything We Have
It's Hard To Say
Digging Early Graves
Medication Time

This is our current setlist. We have a few more songs, but this is generally how many we play in a set. Our set is usually 25 minutes or so. We have one cover(Saves The Day - You Vandal) and are working on new songs consistantly.