For fans of Damien Rice, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, The Postal Service, Rocky Votolato and Owen. Soft, catchy, acoustic music with beautiful vocals.


Whetherman steps onto the music seen with an honest and inspiring debut album, Bull. Filled with songs as soft as they are catchy and a powerful voice Whetherman is ready to spread his music to the masses.



Written By: Whetherman

In a shorter story of how it went
I’m just now starting to understand
That it was much like love
I’ve been sending any kind of weight
Please accept the steps of my mistakes
Before I leave…or tomorrow I’ll see the sea

And I feel like I’m leaving the world behind
But I can’t see wrong in what I’d find
And it’s real like a morning sun shapes your face
So if you could come over we could stay up late (and I’d say)
I want some other places moon
To glow over our cocoon
Cause there’s not a face to know too soon
When I’m waking up with you and the moon

Could I get you space?
Hand you the far stars?
Maybe bury the mountains
To see where you are
Such rare commodities
Do you think you’d notice me?

Storms in Seattle

Written By: Whetherman

I will go on in an ink letter
That the way I’m thinking for you
Has been no better than the movie stars I’ve lusted to
Not to say less of this debut
This is no call for another interview
Leaning towards the peer, you are in need to hear

That I know I said this is of consequence
And it is now, but thank God we can pretend
That I know every little way to fix this descent, like I was meant
Do you see the shore? And how it goes back and forth?
Are you taking notes? You steamroll your own course
Please, you need to get over yourself, or get over me

I will pose while I hand the letter
Since you haven’t reacted just yet
The rain makes us wetter
Than storms in Seattle can get
And it’s so appropriately set
Were in a scene, and I could forget
Since the tone is there, I just wont be fair

You love it about yourself
Loving no one else
Just be so subtle
Don’t flinch a muscle
All a man sees, until were older
Is what clothes cover over

The Dove and the Doctor

Written By: Whetherman

The third time around, we took a month
But you can’t be breached for once
It’s a wreckful sound
I’m throbbing and the scenery was like a cinema
Replaying the bear minimum, but your okay

Oh Nevada is miles too far from reach
And the things that I could speak
Wont vault enough to keep
Oh Dove don’t you see that I’m unstable?
I can’t let you settle for hopes and fables

But you say you have more to show
You don’t include what it takes
The chance without breaks
And the boy’s boasting about how he’s grown
Though your still holding out for thrills
And I’m devastated letting beauty by
And the brittle use of time before the deadline

People Burden People’s Eyes

1, 2, 3, 4
Tie-died dream
Tell me people why
People burden people’s eyes
When no one is ever right?
Said a man once told me
That once you grow old
You can’t go back
Can’t go back…

Yeah and the nurse will say “hey your fine”
But we are born unsatisfied
By our eardrums cry
Conforming will rise
When the people burden people’s eyes
Oh well sigh
People telling me their cries
Sing to our lullaby
To this demise
Lip sing to this demise
This should turn out alright
Keep your fists up when you fight
You better believe the televisions lights


Bull CD/EP

1. Moon
2. Blackout
3. G
4. Storms in Seattle
5. The Dove and the Doctor
6. Fault
7. People Burden Pople's Eyes

Set List

Covers: Neil Young's Ohio and Heart of Gold, Paul McCartney's Blackbird, Bob Marley's Redemption Song and No Woman No Cry, Radiohead's Fake Plastic Trees, Ray Lamontagne's Jolene, Billy Joel's Piano Man.