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Molotov Elysian

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"Unquiet Grave IV, Cleopatra Records Compilation"

"...fantastic dark daydream..."

"Of Leah Chandra"

"Man, she's got a sweet voice."

"Also of Leah Chandra"

"Leah Chandra has a mesmerizing voice...which sometimes suggests influences by Kate Bush... but more often suggests only an intangible supernatural power." THE NOISE JUL '99 - THE NOISE JUL '99

"CD Review - VIRUS"

"...proof that opposites attract. ...Chandra's vocals resonate like a passionate plea for redemption, and fall somewhere between ritual chant, psychoanalytical chatter, and jazz improvisation. ...In essence, her voice acts as an informative bond between the lush, yet fragile, melodic instrumentals and the jagged steel architecture and rogue circuitry of electronic sound provided by Fuchigami. ...Fans of Bjšrk, Sigur R—s, and Dead Can Dance will definitely want to give this CD a spin.
8 out of 10 skulls." Michael Casano -, Nov '06

"CD Review - Loosey Lucy"

"Molotov Elysian has a sound all their own. ...if you are searching for something new, edgy, and different with some solid musicianship behind it, you should definitely check them out." -, Nov '06

"CD Review - Northeast Intune"

"[Like] Sarah McLachlan meets Trent Reznor....something you should check on, even if it's not [falling] into [what you consider the genre of] your taste...." -, Oct-Nov '06

"CD Review - Black Angel Promotions"

"Angelic vocals raining down through atmospheric dance beats take the mind on a pleasant trip to a world of pure feeling. ...I would say that one of the bigger indie labels will be picking them up soon too. ... I can hear some Tori Amos ... some Tangerine Dream and even a little Black Tape For a Blue Girl. ... Skinny Puppy mixed in.... I would very much suggest check this band out. ... I will have to spin these tracks a few hundred more times."
-, Nov '06


While We Were Sleeping (Self-Released, October 2006, will be available at, on Itunes and by airplay/streaming on

While We Were Sleeping (EP) (Self-Released, 2005, available on Itunes and by airplay/streaming -- stations can download at

Today A Mountain Has Been Moved
(on Unquiet Grave IV, Cleopatra Records, 2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Bringing the dream state to life, Molotov Elysian creates a new musical tapestry out of things familiar. Dream pop, marked by sonic textures and elusive vocals, is a sub-genre of alternative music merging shoegaze elements with traditional songwriting. Molotov Elysian takes this genre to a new level with greater extremes and takes the next step for post-rock. Together, the members embody their name -- one's contrasting of fragmented, abstract, sound explosions against the other's richly melodic and ecstatic song.

Fuchigami produces their distinct sound which contrasts strong resonant noise with soft and appeasing harmony. He crafts the sonic textures and harmonic arrangements through a series of computerized processes -- sampling, programming, mixing, and signal processing. On stage, he becomes part of the sound collage by adding the "molotov-ic" texture through his guitar, bow, and lap steel guitar.

Chandra has a voice that has been described as reminiscent of Kate Bush, Tori Amos and Lisa Gerrard. However, defining her style as simply "mesmerizing" is not sufficient to portray such a spiritually soothing voice. Her strong interest in global music genres has not only nurtured her vocals, but also gives them an energy that transcribes into a gentle melodious message to our weary souls. Her inimitable singing of deliberately obscured lyrics heightens the etherealness of the "elysian" aesthetic. "While We Were Sleeping" is the debut full length, following the 2005 EP release.

The full length is released as of October 2006, available for download on Itunes, Napster, & Rhapsody, and in CD format at The music appeals to many fans of This Mortal Coil, Sigur Ros, Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Dead Can Dance, Radiohead, Everything but the Girl, and Jesus & Mary Chain.

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