Whiskey Avengers

Whiskey Avengers


Booze-drenched street reggae! Ska, Reggae, Punk, Hip-hop, Folk, Mind melting mayhem topped off with a shot of Jack!!!


The Whiskey Avengers crawled from the dive bars, gutters, and back allies of Northern California sometime early 2006. Their unique booze-drenched street style ska-reggae-folk-punk quickly captured audiences young and old around the San Francisco Bay Area. Their self-produced debut release ‘Round One’ hit the scene October of ’06 bringing together a mix of traditional Jamaican Ska, with controversial lyrics, undermining the violent and diseased music scene in their hometown of San Jose, California. Their powerhouse live performance and angry anthems quickly earned them a household name winning the hearts of, swashbucklers, strumpets, and everyday working-class drunks up and down the west coast, attracting newspaper coverage, local music awards and even roles in the short independent films "Craigslist Joe" and “Whiskey Tears.” Their reputation eventually brought them overseas in the fall of ’07 on a EUROPEAN TOUR that stretched across a dozen countries as far east as BULGARIA where they were instantly met with adoration, enthusiasm, and appearances on several European compilations. They have since shared the stage with such greats as BOB MARLEY'S Original Wailers, MOS DEF, the ENGLISH BEAT, the AGGROLITES, Chirs Murray, Dave Hillyard and the Rocksteady 7, Let’s Go Bowling and many more. ‘Round 1’ was eventually released in JAPAN including the overseas hit ‘Tokyo Christmas’ with a music video comedy that plagued Japanese television for months. They have also lent their creative song writing talent to local sports teams by writing fight songs for the San Jose Sharks and the Silicon Valley Roller Derby Girls team. The long awaited second album ‘Round 2: Wet and Wreckless’ is set to be unleashed November of ’09 under their own Roof Rock Records. The record finally captures the intensity and musicianship of the Whiskey Avengers with some additions to the cast of characters, such as heavyweight trumpet player Kincaid Smith from the legendary Ska band HEPCAT. The Whiskey Avengers plan to explode back on the scene without mercy until they have every drunk on the planet singing:

‘Whiskey, Whiskey Bottles of whiskey You’re soul won’t be saved but it might get you laid Whiskey, Whiskey, Songs about whiskey No fortune and fame and you’ll never get paid”

Booking: whiskeyavengers@yahoo.com


-Whiskey Avengers "Round One" 2006

-Whiskey Avengers "Round One (Japanese Edition)" 2007

-Whiskey Avengers "Whiskey XXXmas" 2008

-Whiskey Avengers "Wet And Wreckless" 2009

Set List

20 minutes to 240 minutes.