Whiskey Boots

Whiskey Boots


Whiskey Boots is a "bare-knuckled classic-rock/blues duo" comprised of two women with strong voices, mixing hard-hitting drums with aggressive guitar riffs, banking on rhythm and emotion, weaving tales of love and lust. Oh, what loud goodness!


"Inside, I was walloped again -- this time by the furious sound of Whiskey Boots... -- and boys, they will make you their bitch. Lofflin runs her devilish SG through a bass and guitar amp, channeling a sound that would rip Jack White's underwear right through his fly. As for Farrand, well, to quote the Stone Roses, she bangs the drums, baby." -- The Pitch, Kansas City

For a two-piece, Whiskey Boots brings more ferocity and energy to the stage than most full-sized combos, a result of the natural intensity of the two women who bring-it with guitar, drums and vocals (and the occasional lap steel). When experiencing WB live, resist the urge to take a few steps back; the closer you get, the more you will understand the soothing power of head-on rock-n-roll.

The music is aggressive, yet tuneful, with notable, strong vocal flourishes. As a function of the instrumentation, the music is stripped-down to the essentials, yet never dull. What they do is constantly evolving, but will surely never stray far from its solid, no-frills, rock-n-roll foundation.

WB first release, self-titled, is now available for $10. Catch the band at a show to purchase a copy, or write to the band here (be sure to include a regular email address). These CDs are handmade, silk-screened black cardstock laced with red ribbon (design by Amy Farrand). Inside, the barer of this unique item will be awarded with a special, wearable treat complete with safety pins. The CD contains seven songs: River, Dodgeball, Bitch, Miles, Come Around, Sugar & Spice, Suck Me Dry.

"Whiskey Boots is a grimy, bare-knuckled classic-rock/blues duo in the vein of the Black Keys, among others. Heather Lofflin's guitar is loud, hard, heavy and nimble - thunder, hail and lighting all in one - and her voice evokes alpha-female singers like Janis Joplin, Wendy Case (Paybacks) and P.J.Harvey. You could add the White Stripes to the list of comparisons but for one big difference: Amy Farrand, a man's drummer who bangs and bashes with the abandon of John Bonham. An impressive debut." ---Tim Finn, Kansas City Star, Pop Music Critic (commenting on the now-available CD, recorded by Kristian Ball)

Past/Current bands:

Heather Lofflin: The Diamond Heart Club (guitar, backing vocals -- current), Black Calvin (guitar, bass, vocals), Honeybaby (guitar, vocals)

Amy Farrand: American Catastrophe (bass -- current), Experiemental Instrument Orchestra: E.I.O. (playing handmade stringed instruments -- current -- recently featured on the BBC), Shotgun Idols (guitar), Sister Mary Rotten Crotch (drums); Amy is also a blues/Americana solo artist.


EP, self-titled, 2006

Set List

All original material. Set is typically 40 minutes long. Current Song Titles: River, True Love, Dodgeball, Bitch, Miles, Come Around, Suck My Dry, Snake Eyes, Hunger