Whiskey Folk Ramblers

Whiskey Folk Ramblers

 North Richland Hills, Texas, USA

Like the soundtrack to a spaghetti western set in the Dust Bowl, Whiskey Folk Rambler’s “folk noir” blends ominous, reverb-dripping guitars with boot-stomping train beats and funereal horns to create sonic backdrops for down-on-your-luck ballads and beer-soaked anthems.


The Whiskey Folk Ramblers create music of a new sound. It's some strange, unexplored sub-genre of indie-country. Part spaghetti-western, part eastern-european folk, melded with dancehall country and with undertones of american folk and bluegrass. The style could be called Western Gypsy or Gypsy Americana.
Picked apart, you can find influences from Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash to wandering bands of gypsies in the desert. The instrumentation gives one a sense of the Appalachians, but you'd be hard-pressed to call it bluegrass. Close your eyes and you'll imagine the dusty lone gunfighter pushing through a saloon door in a Sergio Leone film.
Whiskey Folk Ramblers have been compared to the likes of contemporaries Gogol Bordello, DeVotchKa, the Pogues, Old 97's & Tom Waits.


'Midnight Drifter', (2008) Full Length Album, 13 tracks
'And There Are Devils...' (2010) Full Length Album, 12 tracks