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"New Review from "What's Up" mag:"

Whiskey Galore
They Say that She's a Floating Hell
by Boris Budd

Shiver me timbers and walk the plank, Whiskey Galore's charming record They Say She's a Floating Hell is an entertaining collection of Irish Folk/Rock and Pirate/Drinking songs. Part Chieftains, part Pirates r Us with a little electricity, WG sound is tight as the group really jams at times, with strong rhythm work on drum and bass. The accordion cranks throughout the record with clever licks and the guitar playing is strong. Songs like "Duffy" and "Jack of Galaway" show the bands intensity. I have the feeling this band could play most genres of music by their ability to change sounds on songs such as "Devon O' Rourke, which made me want to grab my River dancing shoes and kick up a storm (not a pretty sight, try to imagine it if you can). Changing gears yet again, WG slaps you with the tears in yer' beer song like "HMS Bounty," a beautifully written song that we would all toast.

All in all, the record is solid from start to finish and would be great for a pirate theme party or St. Patrick's Day event. Visit Whiskey Galore on myspace. You can buy the record or individual tracks at the sight. You're a yellow belly if you don't.


- What's Up (http://www.whatsup-magazine.com)

"little press from the Jewlbox show"

the fascinating, awesome cast of characters that is Whiskey Galore:
* Drummer: Clearly a Pearl Jam fan, as he wore a PJ t-shirt under a PJ sweatshirt. Does he have PJ underoos, too? I am visualizing Eddie Vedder on the ass. Rad.
* Guitar Player: another t-shirt wearing rock fan, but focuses his fan efforts on Van Halen.
* Accordian Player: does the impossible -- makes the accordian look hot.
* Vocalist: Future Gilligan's Island The Next Generation cast. Hey Cap'in, the SS Minnow called--they want their hat back.
* Bass Player: maybe tours with Phish?
These guys were hilarious and I adored them. So anyway, Whiskey Galore played both original, traditional irish, and modern pogue-esque tunes. Their rhythm wasn't the tightest at this show, but it seemed like there were some sound issues. Despite major feedback and sound weirdness, they managed to be spazzy, entertaining, and hot at the same time. Um, I feel confused...

- Four Way Mirror (http://www.fourwaymirror.com/):

"little press from the Jewlbox show"

The band Whiskey Galore had the ultimate secret weapon: an accordion player! There is something about the accordion that makes people shut-up and listen, regardless of their state of inebriation, or maybe that just happens to me. I developed a secret instant crush on Whiskey Galore's accordion player who had a quirky sense of humor making him seem like a tough guy. You really have to admire a man who can make himself seem tough while playing the accordion. My favorite part of the Whiskey Galore set was when they invited the members of the other 2 performing bands to sing a well-known Irish diddy with them on stage which I, of course, do not know but everyone else knew at last night's show. I still did my best to sing along, anyway, which was just as fun as actually knowing the words.

- Seattle on the fringe (http://www.seattleonthefringe.com/):



"They Say that She's a Floating Hell"
(12 song Full Length Album:We have this disc in regular rotation on Paddy Rock Radio, Radio Rebble Gaul, Glacier Free Radio, and occasionally on Shite n' Onions pod cast.)

Boats, Hell, & Whiskey
(6 song EP)

Untitled EP Due in mid 08



Greetings, we are “Whiskey Galöre”, Seattles favorite Irish Folk Rock Band and have been for over 4 years. While we do call our selves “Irish-folk rock” and indeed we do play some rockin traditional Irish numbers, our influences and sound varies drastically- during a set you may hear anything from country western to rock or Greek traditional to lounge, all with a decided Celtic bent. Our fan base also includes fans of nearly every kind of music. In fact we often find ourselves paired at local clubs with everything- recently including: Pop-rock, Jazz, Folk, Punk, Jam bands, Western, Alternative, novelty bands, and singer song writers. We tend to have a strong draw in the North-West (if you want a draw estimate please call) and thanks to the Internet can “draw” folks in nearly every metro area of the US. Thanks to the resurgence in Irish music it's not hard for Whiskey Galöre to find ready made fans thanks to bands like the Pogues, Flogging Molly, Dubliners, Young Dubliners, Black 47, and on and on. Whiskey Galore plays hard hitting melodic originals and punch drunk traditional songs that keep the audience swaying along to their ethnic sounds.

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