Whiskey Johnson

Whiskey Johnson


We are a fun, energetic live party band that plays anything from Alabama to ZZ Top!


We are from Hibbing, MN and have all played in other bands around MN. We have opened for National Country Acts such as: Trace Adkins, Craig Morgan, Kevin Sharp, Sammy Kershaw. We have played at outdoor country music festivals like the Kick'n Up Kountry Festival, CountryFest MN, and the big daddy, We-Fest. What set us apart from the rest is that we ALL sing lead vocal; we don't have one front-man singing all night long. In some ways, we ALL are the front-man and compliment each other great. We started back in 1998 with combination of members from two of the better-known around our area, I-95 The Lost Cowboyz. Dave and Lyle were in the Lost Cowboyz with their brother Doc and they played all over the Midwest; they have opened for Blue Oyster Cult, Pirates of the Mississippi and numerous others. Dave is a live-wire on-stage and really gets the crowd going and doesn't let up. A.J. Michaels was a friend of I-95 and did some road work with them too. Ricky came from I-95 and co-founded Whiskey Johnson with our buddy Ryan Koskela {also from I-95}. Ricky has recorder in Nashville with his buddies from I-95 and opened for John Anderson, David Lee Murphy, Blackhawk and numerous others too. Chris Madrinich is the newest member of the group starting just six months ago. It was a challenge for him being we were already established around MN and gaining more momentum every time we played.
We really excel at connecting with the crowd and and DO NOT mind going out in to the crowd and mingling and dancing with them in the middle of a show. Everybody adds to this band with their creativity, uniqueness and personality. It is more like a bunch of brothers than a band and we are something to be seen because you never know what we might do next. We are primarily a cover band but do have some original material as well. We like to do fun, partying tunes and some things that people will go "what kind of band are you", which is fine with us but we don't like to be labeled. We just want to have fun, play some great tunes and share our god-given gifts and talent with everyone who comes out to see us.



Set List

We are primarily a cover band but we do have some original material as well. We have 45 minute sets and usually do 4-5 a night, sometimes even longer if a bar-owner doesn't want us to leave. We like to start out with some classic country like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and then right into the new stuff and keep it going with some good slow songs and sing-a-alongs in the mix too.