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"Whiskey Priest"

If you are familiar with any part of the last 15 years of the Mississauga scene. You probably know that this burb has fostered bands and creativity in the punk scene that have echoed the world round with bands like Blake, Acrid, The End, and Dance Electric, the list goes on and on. Today it's tough to find an authentic all age show in Mississauga akin to the church or the lodge, but it hasn't stopped the music from being made. It's just harder to find. Discover Whiskey Priest.

Whiskey Priest mesh a bit of 90s post-hardcore with math rock and do that edgy/ smooth, quite/ loud thing real well. Their tone is surprisingly clean even though the material has so much bite. The best pairing of bands to use as description would have to be Three Penny Opera + Faraquet.

Thus far the band has produced a 5 song self released demo, 4 of which are available for listening on their Myspace, start with "Fragile Line". In the coming weeks 3 new songs are to be recorded. Word is that these 3 jams are to be paired with 3 from Toronto's The Smile for a split cdr release on Gorgeous Industries due for March.

Check Whiskey Priest out live (best way) on the 16th in Toronto at Annies On Queen with The Smile and Please Stand By. - Pyramid Scheme Blog

"Shows That Rocked Last Week"

Sun, Jan 13

We hit Wavelength 395 in time to catch the tail end of Philly free jazz unit The Future Has a Silver Lining, a trio who don’t fit comfortably into the jazz club or indie rock scene. Too heavy and distorted for the beret-and-cigarette-holder set and too skilled (check guitarist Nick Millevoi’s two-handed guitar hammer-ons) to impress jaded indie kids, TFHASL are odd ducks on most bills, which is probably how they like it.

The dour-looking, stool-sitting Anna Linda Siddall and her man Colin Fisher followed with a volume-challenged set that came on strong early against the back-of-the-bar chatter but eventually lost the fight midway through. Too bad – those yahoos missed a lovely Paul Simon-inspired original called Let’s Go Back To The River and her compelling John Martin cover to close.

After a witless and self-servingly long intro by resident mouthpiece Doc Pickles, Mississauga post-punks Whiskey Priest blazed through a batch of throaty Touch and Go-style Chicago rock numbers. WP are a tight unit, with gruff duelling vocals recalling early Hot Water Music and complex guitar arrangements that are cerebral yet hit you in the gut. Keep these guys on your radar. - Now Magazine


Whiskey Priest - Self Titled EP
-For Patton
-Fragile Line

Whiskey Priest/The Smile Split EP
-El Chuppacabbra
-Man Loves, God Kills

Whiskey Priest/Tonnn Split EP

We have streaming tracks on myspace, reverbnation, and cbc radio



Whiskey Priest begun with both Tim's jamming on sundays at a small music store in Mississauga. Tim Sarrazin worked the Sunday shift, and since no one really knew it was open, it was the perfect time to write music, whilst being surrounded by all the required instruments. After four or five songs were written, Brandon Allen and Chris Watters joined in to finish our wall of sound.

Quite often pidgeon holed in with Hot Water Music, and These Arms are Snakes our sound has been described anywhere from Post Hardcore, Post Punk, Indie, all the way down the list to Grunge and Rock n' Roll.

Some of our influences include the Constantines, Botch, These Arms are Snakes, Rockets Red Glare, Blake, and Fugazi among many more.

What sets us apart from other bands is we use clean tone amplification in the loudest most obnoxious way possible. We've always refrained from using distortion to this point but are still able to be loud and aggressive in our music.