Whiskey Priest

Whiskey Priest


born of a bad land, birthed of an ill tongue. draped in broken strings and busted skins, baptized in noise. a pack of underdogs masquerading as wolves. when prompted, pandemonium erupts, only to be silenced in order for a new madness to take shape.


Whiskey Priest begun with both Tim's jamming on sundays at a small music store in Mississauga. Tim Sarrazin worked the Sunday shift, and since no one really knew it was open, it was the perfect time to write music, whilst being surrounded by all the required instruments. After four or five songs were written, Brandon Allen and Chris Watters joined in to finish our wall of sound.

Quite often pidgeon holed in with Hot Water Music, and These Arms are Snakes our sound has been described anywhere from Post Hardcore, Post Punk, Indie, all the way down the list to Grunge and Rock n' Roll.

Some of our influences include the Constantines, Botch, These Arms are Snakes, Rockets Red Glare, Blake, and Fugazi among many more.

What sets us apart from other bands is we use clean tone amplification in the loudest most obnoxious way possible. We've always refrained from using distortion to this point but are still able to be loud and aggressive in our music.


Whiskey Priest - Self Titled EP
-For Patton
-Fragile Line

Whiskey Priest/The Smile Split EP
-El Chuppacabbra
-Man Loves, God Kills

Whiskey Priest/Tonnn Split EP

We have streaming tracks on myspace, reverbnation, and cbc radio

Set List

our sets run anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 depending on whats required. We do tend to try to keep it short and sweet with about 25 minutes using 6 or 7 songs.

Our songs that we are currently playing include;
Fragile Line
El Chuppacabbra
For Patton
Noise Pollution
Lord Willing
* also a couple unamed songs that we are still tinkering with