Whiskey Root

Whiskey Root


Our music is like a beef stew. Envision, for a moment, a beef stew. It has many qualities such as carrots, broth, peas and such, but the stew's foundation is the beef. Whiskey Root sounds like a rock stew. Our foundation is rock, but with a mixture of other elements like funk, reggae. So eat up.


Whiskey Root was birthed out of Helena, Montana. We met while going to school at Carroll College. We are an original band but have no problem playing cover songs. Each of us comes from a different music background, with different tastes and playing styles. We like to think this is a good thing in that we have a very blended sound. A folk fan or a blues fan may not like all of our songs, but chances are they would enjoy at least a couple! What started out as a sometimes hobby for each of us has morphed into a dream. We hope you all enjoy our music as much as we enjoy playing it! Cheers


We have a self-titled EP with 6 original songs. Email to jtharrison@carroll.edu if you would like one!
Also, we have a reverbnation account and, of course, a facebook account. Both sites contain a number of songs that you should check out!
--We have been spending the last few months in Soul Tree Studios working on our first "real" record. It should be finished sometime in March of 2013. It's gona be a good one!