Whiskey Skyline

Whiskey Skyline


Whiskey Skyline has a reputable style of country music blended with rock influence that sets them apart from your ordinary "insert-your-name-here" Texas music bands.


Texas music has become a breeding ground for some of the best American made music of the past decade and shows no signs of stopping. In all things considered Texas Country music lies West Texas’ own little band that could, will, and is taking charge – Whiskey Skyline.
With a sound that sets them apart from the norm in their proudly-placed genre, this band of guys in their early 20’s comes prepared with its own brand of authenticity. Influenced by the sound of Cody Canada and the Departed along with many other Country and Red Dirt artists, Whiskey Skyline is proving to be no match for any other top-shelf act.
Since 2011, the band’s line up of Kramer LaBarge (lead vocals, guitar), Jarred Whitlock (lead guitar), Adrian Guillen (bass), and Tyler Yarbro (drums) has been consistent in performing and recording. In the spring of 2012, the band released their self-titled EP independently with veteran Nashville engineer, Gary Laney. Right at its time of release, the band put out its first single “Haze” for all listeners of Texas regional radio to hear.
With LaBarge and the band in control, more new material came to play and has become fan favorites of those that attend their shows. Opening for the Texas/Red Dirt likes of Mark McKinney, William Clark Green, Cody Canada, Steve Helms, and more, the band never fails to produce a live performance second to none of their contemporaries.
Back in the studio working on their first full length record with Bart Rose in the producer’s chair, Whiskey Skyline is soon to be a Texas music treasure.


Whiskey Skyline EP

Single "easy" which will be featured on Whiskey Skyline's sophomore album due to release summer 2013