Whiskey Songs

Whiskey Songs


An old school 3 piece rock band with blues sensibility, hip-hop swagger, psychedelic tendencies, and enough tunes to go all night. We get the crowd up.


Whiskey Songs was formed in late 2012 by Paul Kuzbik and Mark Ejack. Both long time friends from the prairie town of Saskatoon, SK, Paul and Mark were mainstays in their city's music scene for the past few years, but it wasn't until August of 2012 that the two began to make music together. A mutual friend, Tyson Schultz, offered Paul and Mark some free recording time at a studio in Vancouver. After the first session, 9 new songs were written, and it was obvious there was magic happening. After finishing the album, Paul relocated to Vancouver where Mark and Tyson were already living. As luck would have it, Tyson, who engineered the album, is a talented bass player, and joined the band. In 4 short months, Whiskey Songs have toured Western Canada, held two residency gigs in Vancouver with many of the shows being sold out, showcased at the JUNOS, been asked to play NXNE and will be performing in their hometown at the Saskatoon Jazz Fest. All of this has been done completely independently, and completely for the love of music.


Sorry For Nothing

Written By: Kuzbik/Ejack

I was trying to find my way home
but my head was lost in the sky
I lost my change in the pay phone
and then I got a little too high
I stumbled through the grave yard
just so I could feel alive
I saw my name on a headstone
and I dug a hole and crawled inside

You've been waiting on the world to change
But you don't have to wait long
Cuz every stranger say the strangest things
On the knees that the pray on
Everyday seems the same so you gonna have to stay strong
We're trying to make it out alive

You've been sleeping with your bible
and a loaded rifle under your bed
You spread the word of the gospel
but misinterpret what the preacher said
So tell me, who's the culprit?
tell me, who sold you out?
Now, how bad do you want it?
At least you look like you're still devout


Rise & Shine - 2013

1. Sorry For Nothing
2. Restraining Order
3. Pearly Gates
4. Go Back To Your Mountain
5. Hit The Wall
6. 103 Days Straight
7. I Want Your Love So Bad
8. Jesus Doesn't Want Me
9. Rylan's Holiday