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The best kept secret in music


Whiskey Sunday - S/T (Ancestor/Vine Hell)
You could easily misconstrue where these guys are coming judging by their record cover. The Jack Daniels imagery has you thinking shit metal, twangy country or Southern fried good ol boy rock. But Whiskey Sunday play none of these styles – instead they opt for melodic old punky rock with a nod to British oi, the Angry Samoans and even the gravelly voiced No Idea records sound. Bassist Rob is also the vocalist for Angry for Life and used to play in Krupted Peasant Farmers who I think released stuff on Lookout or Very Small back in the day, and his playing as well as vocalist Dovers cigarette charred voice adds to some good beer drinking times.
Tim Scott/Screaming Bloody Mess webzine

Whiskey Sunday – s/t CD
Vigorous melodic punk rock that is much better than the cover art (an appropriation of the Jack Daniels label…..done to death, fellas) would lead anybody to rightly expect. They’re from So-Cal, but they remind of a few great recent Chicago bands. The Mushuganas and Pegboy spring to mind
(JC) Punk Planet #60

Whiskey Sunday – CD
The cover art looks like a bottle of Jack Daniels….I don’t normally go for this kind of stuff, but Whiskey Sunday puts so much rocking energy into these songs you have to give them props. The play dirty punk with a serious rock n roll edge. Catchy riffs, blistering harmony, and a solid beat are all throughout this CD. I hear Misfits influence in a lot of these songs and that makes me dig the “whoas” and “yeahs” more than usual. The only real problem with this CD is the song “Wretch”. You’d think that in this day and age songs about girls you don’t like would at least have a better delivery if you don’t want to come off as a misogynist.
Lisa Oglesby Heart Attack #40

Whiskey Sunday – “Thanks 4 The Violence” CD
I love this CD…have listened to it constantly since I first got a copy, half a year ago or so. The album is choke-full of perfectly written punk songs, really melodic ones that bring to mind Leatherface, Ramones, Naked Raygun and Bad Religion. Perfect guitar leads over great anthemic punk songs. Their singer, Dover, has the best, gruffest voice I’ve heard. The only downfall of this CD is that at the time they had a lead guitarist who inserted pretty wretched metal guitar solos into the songs. I think he’s gone now. A great drunken live band to boot. Simple enough layout with some photos, works fine. So many hits on this album.
(WR) MRR #247

This is rock punk as opposed to punk rock. Great guitar lines and vocals and
a really nice feel to the whole thing, it’s not like much else AI can think
of and I don’t want people to get the wrong idea when I say ‘rock’- I keep
thinking that people are imagining them looking and sounding like POISON or
something- get that right outta yer head!! This ain’t nuthin like that! This
is just singalong rockin’. I can get a slight hint of ANTiSEEN in there but
it’s very subtle, I can’t quite put my finger on it… but it’s rock in the
same vein that they are rock
No Front Teeth webzine
- various zines

Whiskey Sunday - Whiskey Sunday (Ancestor / Vinehell)

Immediately upon listening to Dover’s voice belting out “Thanks 4 the Violence,” I was reminded of John Reis from The Hot Snakes. The triple guitar attack, clever lyrics, and well-written punk songs keep the comparisons coming to the legendary writer/producer (Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From the Crypt). Laying in wait for a long overdue Hot Snakes album, this Whiskey Sunday discovery has been the elixir to get me through the hard months.

The songs are quick and easily digested, most of them lasting about two minutes. There’s an obvious Ramones tribute with “What the fuck got in my wall?” Maybe a rat died and stank up his apartment. Who knows, but the chorus rings like Joey Ramone doing the Beach Boys. Running a tight one minute fifty eight seconds, don’t blink before the stinky times move on to “Mary Jo.”

My favorite track was buried deep in the CD. “Rogers Park” has the lyrical content of early Misfits, telling a girlfriend that he had a dream. “Last night I had a dream your head was buried/ I saw your name in the obituary.” The song length and guitar chops are a little longer and crispier, playing off the grandfathers of graveyard ghoul without stepping on their coffins.

The second track on their debut, self-titled album is titled “Westward Bound.” I can almost hear the sold out shows chanting along with Dover, “I’m on my way! Do you wanna know why?” The drummer, Ken, shows off some great variations on an old theme, keeping time and making the listener guess along the way. The guitar solo on “Westward Bound” shreds as much as any delivered by Josh Homme of the Queens of the Stone Age.

The last song has a sing-a-long Pennwise vibe to it as the band joins in “Equalizer.” I don’t know what it’s about, but who cares? These guys are so underground, All Music Guide doesn’t even have a biography listed for them yet. Get on the cool punk train now and check out Whiskey Sunday before they get on tour with Bad Religion and everyone else finds out about them.

By Alan Haworth
- Alan Haworth


In the works:

We are currently working on our 3rd album and doing a Replacements cover for a tribute comp.

Current Discography:

Whiskey Sunday/I Excuse - split 7" (Snuffy Smile) 2005

Whiskey Sunday - Maldecido CD (1234 Go Records)
15 songs 2004

Whiskey Sunday - Maldecido 12" (Yo Yo Records)
15 songs plus bonus track 2004

Whiskey Sunday - Maldecido 7" (1234 Go records)w/2 unreleased songs including a Animals cover

Whiskey Sunday/Sainte Catherines split 7" (YoYo Records germany/Vinehell Records U.S.) 2004
Shadow People - Nihilist - Here Yesterday

To The Bitter End - international punk/hardcore compilation CD (Vinehell Records)2004
"Joe Q Citizen/Sweetfireball"

Whiskey Sunday - s/t CD (self - released)
15 songs 2001

Death To False Metal(Probe Records) 1998
"Rock N Roll" by Motorhead

Songs About Drinking 3 (Very Small Records) 1998
"Uncle Dave and Me"

Minutes Out Of Limbo - international compilation(Broken Ear) 1998
6 songs


Feeling a bit camera shy


Whiskey Sunday was conceived in 1998 and is composed of five veteran punks from San Jose, California. We've all been playing in bands for more than 10 years, some of us since 1988. Some of the bands we've played in, are Krupted Peasant Farmerz, The Curbs, The Brownies, Clay Wheels, Refuge, Hairy Italians, Apeface, Angry For Life, P.T.L., to name a few. We've also, shared the stage with bands like S.N.F.U., The Forgotten, The Frisk, Divit, Moral Crux, Odd Numbers, etc....We have a wide range of influences from The Pixies to the Ramones. Many say we have the No Idea sound like Against Me, or Chicago sound like Naked Raygun or Pegboy. Others say Leatherface. I think its a little bit of all this and more. We definitely have our own sound, and aren't easily pegged. Read the reviews, check out the website, and see for yourself.