Josh Allen and the Whisky Brothers

Josh Allen and the Whisky Brothers

 Austin, Texas, USA

Josh Allen and the Whisky Brothers play gritty, original Rock & Roll. Singer/Songwriter Josh Allen's Roots & Blues influences combine with guitarist "Sweets" Parcell's Prog/Pop stylings to create a sound that is best described simply as Rock & Roll.


Josh Allen and the Whisky Brothers formed in Austin, TX in the spring of 2007. Within a year, they had self-released their first album, "Welcome to the Rockhouse." Since then, they have played countless gigs in and around Austin, with repeat performances at such esteemed Austin venues as Antone's, Poodie's, and the Saxon Pub. They have just recently released their second album, "Giant." The first single from the new album, "Oh Cindy" has already been released as a music video. Watch it on YouTube at:


Hell Is...

Written By: Josh Allen

Now that you're gone, I wish that I'd
Never let you see my other side
I gave myself to you without a chase
I knew your name before I saw your face
How could you have been so unaware
Of all my love, did you never care?

It's not the knowing you that kills me
It's knowing how happy I could be
But now a ghost haunts me every day
I try but I can't make it go away
I try to look the other way, but my
Memory won't let you die

How could I have known that
My one regret
Would be the moment
The moment that we met


2008: Welcome to the Rockhouse
2011: Giant

Set List

A typical set ranges from 45 minutes to 3 hours, with original material making up 60-100% of the set list. Covers are mostly old Blues and Rock & Roll songs.