The Whisky Dicks

The Whisky Dicks


This is country! The way its supposed to be! The Whisky Dicks bring twang and bang to a new generation of country fans. They are on the edge, ready to give pop country the middle finger. If you like David Allan Coe, Dr. Hook, or the Rolling Stones, you will love the dicks!


Stories told like never before, at speeds way past the legal limits. Energy overload as the guitar rips off another solo and the drums carry through the chorus on a train beat that’s lost its brakes. By the third song the sweat is pouring off your body as you close your eyes and slide across the floor in a mad two-steppin’ boot-scootin’ frenzy, abandoning all efforts to steer clear of the writhing mass around you. This is country! The way it’s supposed to be! It’s the Whisky Dicks!

An exciting blend of Americana and Country-rock, they bring twang and bang to a new generation of country fans. They are on the edge, ready to give corporate mainstreamers the middle finger.

Lead singer and main songwriter Fred Engler has been crafting songs for almost ten years. Influences by Johnny Cash and Jimmy Buffett are evident in the clever lyrics, while the melodic hooks will have you singing along. Clearly the red cowboy hat and jumbo guitar are a must!

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, lead guitarist Tyler Powers shows a talent far beyond his age. After winning numerous competitions while still in high school, he received a coveted scholarship to attend Musician’s Institute, which boasts one of the best guitar programs in the world. Influences range from Dwight Yoakam to Lynyrd Skynyrd, and he loves Johnny Hiland. His chicken-pickin’ and lightning fast solos are the unmistakable trademark that lights the fire of the Whisky Dicks.

Everyone will agree that drummer Frank "Fletch" Fletcher is a character. And a great drummer. Having toured nationally for many years with Cosmic Freeway, he brings a lot of experience to the band. Give him a pair of sticks and he can play you every song that ever was written; for a generous tip he’ll even throw in his own freestyle rap.

Bassist Jazz Lim is definitely the punk-rock chick in the band. Her signature raw country-punk style and attitude can shake the room so that aftershocks are felt far beyond the city limits.

Who thought that a Valley Girl could sing country? Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, background vocalist Kate Strand is gifted with a keen ear for harmonies and a voice that ranges from the crystal purity of Alison Krauss to the raunchy bellows of Winona. And those pigtails are oh-so cute!

Together, the Whisky Dicks are an original Hollywood story. If you like David Allan Coe, Dr. Hook, or the Rolling Stones, you will love the dicks! After grouping at Musician’s Institute, the band’s rise to popularity was quick thanks to a hard-working attitude and a great vibe on stage. In the Fall of 2005, they won the Artist Development showcase organized by industry legend Kenny Kerner and judged by major label representatives including Tony Ferguson. They have been recognized as one of the most entertaining bands to come from the Musician’s Institute since their opening in 1978. A 10 song CD has been completed, and is available online at, or via CD baby.


The Whisky Dicks (self-titled full-length CD)

Set List

Original Songs:

Fiction Aisle 2
Hey you! Right now! Let's go!
Dating my TV
Feeling so High
Wild Horses of Kentucky
Why do you?
Make up
It's Hard on the Couch
The Power of a Sad Country Song
Voodoo Blues
The World Looks Better with a .15
Darlin' Darlene
Piece of White Trash
How did I get Home?
Tennessee Bound

Cover songs:

Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
Dominated Love Slave (Green Day)
Celebrity (Brad Paisley)
Don't Gimme No Lines (Georgia Satellites)
Guitars, Cadillacs (Dwight Yoakam)
Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Merry Christmas from the Family (Robert Earl Keen)
...and a few others that have come and gone :)