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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Los Angeles, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Alternative Folk




"Local Review: Whisperhawk - Good Ol' Fashioned American"

Whisperhawk are a local indie folk-rock duo with singer-songwriter Michael Gross (vocals, guitars, bass) at the core and Matt Glass on the drums. Good Ol’ Fashioned American is a five-track EP that has been noted on Whisperawk’s Bandcamp page as, “Written and recorded in a basement room pre and post 2016 Presidential election.”

The album opens with “America 3.0,” a simple-sounding song beginning with dramatic starts and stops on the acoustic guitar, framing the lyrics: “Oh dear / You’re easily persuaded / In times of complication / Can you read between the lines / Oh truth / You’re easily deserted / You’re fickle and perverted.” The drums blend slightly into the background of the guitar with the occasional noticeable roll, supporting frequent yet brief appearances from the electric guitar’s higher-note riffs and some lower grungier licks.

The acoustic guitar and drums are the foundation for “Where Are We Now.” The bass and electric guitar ramp up for the bridge and chorus but are typically played in high notes. They feel airy and un-invasive, leaning more toward indie-pop. Over the layered instrumentals, Gross sings, “Where are we now / How did we get here / Where are we going.”

Contrary to other tracks, “I Just Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone” is entirely acoustic, while “I’m Not Going Out,” is the reverse—the electric guitar is the foundation with some acoustic guitar. Gross moves through a series of catchy electric chords, but the lyrics are sung among acoustics: “How could you put your faith in them / There is no rest from all your fears;” then, with the electric guitar, “It’s just a dream / It’s all pretend / How could you put your faith in them.” For dramatic effect, the music subsides so that it’s just the drums as Gross sings, “Woke this morning / I’m not going out,” and the electric guitar builds and breaks down briefly before returning to just drums, “We are going to get what we deserve.”

With Good Ol’ Fashioned American, Whisperhawk have mastered the art of depth and instrumental intricacy, allowing listeners to discover something new with each replay. The topically relevant album shifts from indie to folk and rock to pop, and perfectly balances and diversifies the tone and rhythm with each song. In their infancy, they’ve created an album that warrants repeating for an easy-listening, aesthetically pleasing experience. –Lizz Corrigan - SLUG Magazine

"Whisperhawk - Bear River - Single review"

A pondering composition of defiance in a country still riven by division across ever smaller cross hatching, Bear River, which is available on bandcamp, commemorates the one hundred and fifty fifth anniversary of the Bear River massacre of the Northwestern Shoshone Native American Nation on the 29th of January 1863.

A quietly laid piece which in spite of its dark countenance doesn’t hurl invective from the speakers rather a request for a world in which people can unite rather than keep fracturing in to splintered silos of self-righteousness.

To give a backdrop to the current context – on the 26th the Northwestern Shoshone Native American Nation completed the negotiations for five hundred and fifty acres of land and were able to commemorate the massacre on the 29th with a foothold in a landscape they recognised and felt able to tell their story from their perspective with a sense of confidence rather than had been the case in previous years at the memorial plaque and tourist attraction erected in 1932. - Emerging Indie Bands


Whisperhawk must have heard about my affinity for jangle pop guitars when he composed his astounding new Alt Rock single Summer Song. If you’re a fan of bands such as the Vaccines, Strokes, the Killers or the Kooks I can guarantee you will adore Whisperhawk with their anthemically veracious approach to melodic, guitar-driven Indie. The angular guitar hooks resonate with the slightly melancholically tinged lyrics, but at heart, summer songs packs all of the Machiavellian romantic vibes you could hope from an Indie summer single.

The genius behind the captivating new single lies in the mind of Salt Lake City, US based singer songwriter Michael Gross, formerly a member of The Statuettes, yet, it’s perceptible that through his solo venture with Whisperhawk, he’s truly stamped down his iconic style and ability to create some of the most immersive guitar melodies. Now I’m a little bit excited to hear what Michael has in the pipeline with his solo career. Summer Song has definitely caught my attention.

You can check out Whisperhawk’s latest single Summer Song on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast - A&R Factory

"Interview: Whisperhawk"

*see link - Stars And Scars

"Whisperhawk - "Summer Song""

Whisperhawk (aka Michael Gross) is a Native American singer/songwriter whose “Summer Song” caught our attention for its upbeat, summery vibes… Turns out the song is actually a “heart-warming tale of the end of the world,” but that’s neither here nor there. Beyond the apocalyptic lyrics, jangly guitars and slide flourishes pepper this song and compliment Gross’ sunny delivery and disposition.

“Summer Song” is also available for purchase via Bandcamp. - Buffablog

"Live Music Picks: June 1-7"

"This is what I've sunk to," Michael Gross says in a self-deprecating text to City Weekly. He means that the release show for the debut EP of his new solo act, Whisperhawk, "will just be me, solo, in my basement—the same way I recorded the songs." The move requires no apology, even a half-joking one, because it makes sense. Everybody knows artists have to get creative in order to get their music heard—and it's all about social media, anyway. A one-man operation like Gross might as well fire up the webcam, 'cause it has to be easier than booking a gig and getting people to show up. This is convenient; nobody has to leave home or shower or even wear pants in order to see the show. And you really oughta check out what Gross—whose songs, voice and guitar you've heard with noted local indie-pop act The Brobecks, pop/rock band Michael Gross & the Statuettes and electro-pop trio The Lazy Waves—has been up to. Whisperhawk lands between The Brobecks and the Statuettes, with some of the latter's early twang, and Gross' songwriting continues to mature as he refines his craft. Watching him perform the tunes by himself, where they were born, should make up for any intimacy lost in the stream. But no matter how you hear it, Whisperhawk's EP will reach out and hit you. (Randy Harward) - Salt Lake City Weekly


Good Ol' Fashioned American (EP) - 2017
Good Ol' Fashioned American Deluxe (EP) -2017
Live From My Basement (EP) - 2017
Christmas With Mr. K (Single) - 2017
Bear River (Single) - 2018
Summer Song (Single) - 2018
Larks (full-length album) - 2018



Whisperhawk is the solo project from singer/songwriter Michael Gross (The Brobecks, The Statuettes.) Since Whisperhawk's inception in 2017, he has released 4 singles, 3 EP's and his debut full-length album "Larks" in November 2018. Splitting his time between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles, Whisperhawk is a capable solo act with an exceptional backing band when needed.

Whisperhawk's sound combines different elements of alternative rock, folk, and pop, with a strong emphasis on melody. Similar artists could include Ryan Adams, Built To Spill, Kings of Leon, and Neil Young.

With a passionate and growing online following, Whisperhawk aims to take his show on the road and make a lasting impression on live audiences.

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