Whistle Peak

Whistle Peak

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Experimentalish Pop with a folk foundation. Kentucky harmonies, bouncing bass, ambient guitars, synth, electronic sounding drums.


We are influenced by lofi folky stuff like Sunny and the Sunsets, Little Wings, the Microphones and we combine that sound with more electronic sounding pop music like Clinic, The Flaming Lips, Spoon.
Our process is different than most bands. The creation of our albums requires a great deal odd experimentation with sounds and instrumentation to create pop hooks that get stuck in your head.


Whistle Peak - s/t, self released, 2008. Often played on WFPK louisville. Available for streaming and download.

Half Asleep Upon Echo Falls - Karate Body Records - 2/14/12 - single available at http://soundcloud.com/karatebody/whistle-peak-wings-wont-behave

Louisville is for Lovers vols. 8, 9 ,10 (2008, '09, '10)