Whitaker and Stoddard Blackall

Whitaker and Stoddard Blackall


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Written By: Whitaker and Stoddard Blackall

Wallace did the usual, he got up and drove to work at 6:00 am
A banker in the town
Wallace lead a normal life, a wife he loved and two kids he adored

Wallace’s boss came into Wallace’s office and told Wallace to sit down
“I’m gonna tell you somethin’ quite profound
Wallace you’ve lost your job”
Wallace hit the ground

Wallace left the building and went shopping at a store around the block
“I wanna buy those candles and some wine”
Wallace left the store and saw a clown who sold him seventeen balloons

Wallace got into his car and blasted music on the radio
It was his favorite song
“I grew up on a small farm with sheep and cows”

Getting kinda sad he felt pretty bad
Cause losin’ a job is not that easy
But he told himself anyway
“Wallace hey. . .
I love you. . .
I love you”

Wallace stopped at a grocery store and got some food to make a fancy meal
There were people talking all around
“That is too much money I am really sorry honey”
“I am sick of pork, I want something else, like a turkey melt,
only seven bucks”

Wallace pulled into his driveway listening to a station with the news
“Looks like thunder storms tonight”
He heard and then he quickly ran inside

Getting kinda sad again, he felt pretty bad again
Cause losin’ a job is not that easy
But he set the table anyway and put the candles down
He gave his kids all the balloons
And mentioned with a frown
“Honey I lost my job”
But his wife said
“Hey. . .
I love you. . .
I love you”

At dinner time his wife and kids told Wallace that he was the very best
Better than the rest
Wallace thanked his family for making this the best day of his life
The best day of his life