White White Sisters
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White White Sisters

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | INDIE

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock Electro




"Say good bye to traditional dance music.Say hello new dance rock dreamer!"

They formed by 2 guys in spite of sisters. Occasionally Matumura(Vo/Gt) is mistaken a girl. [euphoriaofeuphobia] has innumerable digital sounds and loud drums playing clear sound for a white white sisters’s view of the world. Minimal electric sounds and dynamic drums fusion that change dance music. Say good bye to prearranged DANCE music,we will dance with it actively. (Tashiro) - JUICE MAGAZINE(famous free paper in Japan)


white white sisters is real live band. - 2 YOU MUSIC MAGAZINE(famous free paper in Nagoya Japan)

"It start from noisy guitar intro to loud drums to programming with dizzying speed"

They formed by 2 guys at Nagoya in 2008. Rock unit white white sisters 1st mini album.
It start from noisy guitar intro to loud drums to programming with dizzying speed
[falling down]. It is impressive electro sound. - CD Journal (oldest CD review magazine in Japan)

"They get prize of SUMMER SONIC 2010 with no backing."

They get prize of SUMMER SONIC 2010 with no backing.
This news proofed their ability! Violent,extreme drums and guitar,synth roar to
change of existing “Rock & Dance music”. I feel “change” it potential from them.
Check out hero at SUMMER SONIC! - DIESEL:U:MUSIC (Leading Fashion Brand through World Wide)

"Electro?? Shoegather?? Techno?? Minimal??"

They performed at SUMMER SONIC in last year. Many people was shocked by this anonymous new comer. Electro?? Shoegather?? Techno?? Minimal?? I don’t care about genre. Their sound is the only one. They will go to world tour in 2011! Check it!!!!!! - FM bayfm78 (It covers to bay area in Tokyo,Chiba,Kanagawa prefecture.)

"They make a roaring sound under the influence of shoegather."

They make a roaring sound under the influence of shoegather.
I pay attention new comer who make original world with loud drums and electro. - Radio3 FM MIE (One of Japan FM Network/the area is covered entire Japan)

"They have dazzling energy!"

At once formed,they picked up compilation album that is an example for one of their ability. Also they was selected as oening act with Sakanaction,the telephones,ORGE YOU ASSHOLE at Nagoya in Feb 2010! I was surprised to their capacity these 2 guys have projecting power for next breakthrough. I recommend M2 sns and M4 imperfect confliction ! They have dazzling energy! - FM J-WAVE (No.1 rating radio station in Tokyo)

"loud techno pop"

I saw white white sisters live performance they play active in Nagoya. (Nagoya Shin-Sakae Apollo Theater photo by Keiichiro Natsume)
Formed in 2008 by Yuya Matsumura (guitar,vocal,program) and Kazumasa Ishii (drums).
They joined to a V.A. album released by major label and played in large event at diamond hall.
SUMMER SONIC announced to they come on the stage in August.
Their sounds were influenced by “electro rock” “lap top shoegather”.
Effected vocal and guitar , programmed bass , synthesizer with live drums sound show the bustling sound wall. It might be said loud techno pop.
In their live performance.VJ represented extreme emotion with using only line,dot and plane.
They started from “falling down” to 7 songs include an encore with no talk.
The force of performance will move to SUMMER SONIC many audience.
(written by Akihiro Sugiyama / music writer) - Asahi NewsPaper (one of largest, 7,960K copies covered entire Japan) Live Review

"Perfect work"

The background of the pure white campus was painted over with [euphoriaofeuphobia].
Perfect work is not only mechanical but also artistic containing their emotion.
While I heard [euphoriaofeuphobia], my time was stopped by it. It seems to be clung to me rather than it took my heart by force. White white sisters (following WWS) is a monster made by (2) guys aged 23. Just starting to play disc,it grow huge one after
another ,then I was colored to their color. I can’t stop dancing when they play with DJ at the live performance for stimulus hearing and visual. Each lights and sounds move on floor of the venue. WWS live in Nagoya. Nagaya has many unique bands with very human. - Rooftop(famous free paper in Tokyo)

"Check out live! Feel good!"

It is not only,but change the world from Nagoya.
Dance? Rock? Electro? Shoegather? With programming and effective guitar sounds and loud drums? It is all okay. It is not related to it. I need COOL.They have lovely face so I want to hand an afternoon snack. But they play chaotic music on the stage. If their parent see their show,they will be surprised a view. Check out live! Feel good!
How many tracks does it have by a song? Geometric VJ is cool too. Of course it is not easy to go beyond famous bands. But they have potentials to go out of Japan from Nagoya. I have to say …make friends. Put enthusiasm into roused at the live after party. - Tokai Walker (Town Magazine)


Still working on that hot first release.



Electronic/Rock unit White White Sisters, formed by vocalist/guitarist/programmer Yuya Matsumura and drummer Kitaro Hiranuma formed in Japan in 2008.

They released 1st mini album [euphoriaofeuphobia] in July 2010 and 2nd mini album "spectrachroma" in June 2011. 

They absorbed both electronic and rock elements to create a completely new and unknown beautiful edgy sound,
which at the same time has contributed to boost their profile as one of the most distinguished music producers and event organizer in Japan.

They play with VJ art director (Kouta Tajima) in their live performance.VJ represents extreme emotion with 3D motion graphics.

They played at SUMMER SONIC (Tokyo) largest festival in Japan 2days,and MINAMI WHEEL (Osaka) and SAKAE SP-RING (Nagoya).

They played at Canadian Music Week and South by Southwest on March 2011.

They released DVD single "SuperNeutral" on July 2013.

They released 1st full album "SOMETHING WONDROUS" in July 2014.