White As Night

White As Night


A power trio with one message, rock is back. Reminiscent of the great "classic" rock bands of the late 60s/early 70s, their original music is heavy on the guitar solos, loud, catchy, intricate, we-defy-you-to-sit-still type of music that makes for an ultimate live experience.


Allen Cooke - master guitarist, providing SIC solos, Francis Donnelly - power drummer w blood-stained skins to prove it, and Dylan McCarthy - bassist and lead vocals, likened to Robert Plant. These three teens together are White As Night and bring a rock sound that defies their numbers and their years. Cleverly crafted songs pay homage to the true rock legends - loud, powerful, intricate .... High-energy shows for people who can handle REAL ROCK!

The band has recorded twice at Coupe Studios, Boulder's premier recording studio. (Demo available) They've played all over the Boulder area, and everywhere they go more seasoned bands are blown away by their young talent (one bassist even threatened suicide after finding out how young the band was.) This is a band that people are going to be able to say "I saw them when ...."!

Local radio rep on the band - "They have a solid sound that reminds me of early Black Sabbath ...very coo l... I'm very excited for (them) ... and think they could really make a mark in the music scene, even on a national level."

Opened for Boston sensation Bang Camaro at Boulder's Fox Theatre 2/08

Opened for international band Back Door Slam at Boulder's Fox Theatre 11/07

Featured in 2007 fall issue of Boulder Magazine

Winners of the 2007 Boulder Creekfest Battle of the Bands

Aired on local cable access channel 54's Up and Coming show



Written By: White As Night

Living free is where I want to be
Leaving the world I thought I knew

Those perfect days that were endless nights,
Our lives were simple and serene
Like falling through a never-ending dream

Life is a priceless gift and most will disregard their purpose

Time will laugh and walk right by and soon enough you'll die, then I'll ask you what did you leave behind?

An open mind leads to open arms
Unlock the chains and let it wander

Love can save the world just you wait and see
When everything else fails she stands strong, softly humming a universal song



F.O.M.S. made it to #17 on the www.iacmusic.com charts

Don't Pull the Trigger was picked up by 4 stations on www.iacmusic.com within the first few hours of its posting, including their Top 50 station, and made it to #12 on their rock charts.

Songs from their first demo were picked up by local station KBCO for online radio

Set List

Sets are mostly originals with a few covers, 1 hour long, can play 2 full sets +.

Originals: Don't Pull the Trigger, Chaos, White As Night, FOMS, Gunslinger, Goliath, Sexy, Stuck Up, End is Near, Gotta Get Out of Here

Covers: Call Me the Breeze, Paranoid, Tush, Bring It On Home, Voodoo Child, Mario Bros., Under the Sun