White Autumn

White Autumn


White Autumn is a rock/alternative band from Hershey, Pennsylvania. The band is known for their hybrid style, combining hard rock with a touch of symphonic and electronic themes. They are heavily influenced by Finnish/Swedish rock music, making heavy use of keyboards. Originality is key for them.


David Brunner (keyboards) and Alan Thompson (drums) formed the band in early 2012. Soon after, the band adopted Josh Eimer (guitar), Robbie Warden (bass), and Tom Williams (vocals).

After only a few months, the band went on to attempt bigger tasks. Over the summer of 2012, the group began to record and prepare for live performances. The band practiced out of Brunner’s basement and went through several lineup changes for nearly a year before their first performance on new year’s eve in downtown Hershey, where they rocked the basement of a local church. The performance included several originals such as “Fade Away”, “Vision” and “Endless Horizon,” as well as several covers.

Recently, the band finished recording their 3 song demo out of their home studio. White Autumn is currently a functioning, college-aged band working on completing an album’s worth of original songs, expanding their audience, and looking to take their career to the next level.


White Autumn Demo - 2012

Set List

Endless Horizon - White Autumn
Killing Loneliness - HIM
Wings of a Butterfly - HIM
Closing Time - Semisonic
Sunshine of Your Love - Cream
Vision - White Autumn
Never Too Late - Three Days Grace
Someday Soon - White Autumn
Fade Away - White Autumn