Burlington, Ontario, CAN

Rocks is our Pillow, Cold ground is our bed, Highway is our Home, and the music keeps us fed.


For the self-titled LP, Whitebrow's Gabriel DeSantis recruited some Toronto favourites to add depth to the former solo project.

Recorded over a two-week period in an empty, 150-year-old church in rural Burlington, ON, DeSantis was accompanied by Mike Deicont on upright bass and Frank Evans on banjo and fiddle.

Solitude was easily accessible with a cemetery of 1812 soldiers and a highway as the only neighbours.

After many sleepless nights, the record took shape with a sound born out of the church's dusty acoustics and lingering spirits.

"Whitebrow" is the full-length follow up to 2011's "All's Still Before the Storm" EP and has garnered critical praise since it's release on March 29th.

Quick Before it Melts says the album is "creeky, creepy and utterly compelling."

The Toronto Star calls it "Extraordinary"

CBC Radio named "I Will follow You Down" as the song of the week, citing the album as "Truly Special."


2010 - The Whitebrow Demo

2011 - All's Still Before the Storm EP
- Radio airplay for "Don't Pass Me By"
- "Your Bridges" featured on "Amazing" compilation

2011 - Single "I Will Follow You Down"
- Radio Airplay

2013 - Whitebrow LP