White Circle Crime Club

White Circle Crime Club


An energetic, schizophrenic, passionate, melancholic and noisy alternative rock band from Antwerp, Belgium, who've toured Europe with TV On The Radio, No Age and Blood Brothers and played shows with bands like Liars and Deerhunter. They like to improvise but have a soft spot for good songs.


“It inspires me.” (Mike Watt, about playing after White Circle Crime Club in Switzerland, 2005)

White Circle Crime Club is a four-piece band from Antwerp/Belgium consisting of Jelle De Cremer, brothers Jan and Sis Matthé and Krist Torfs.

Around since 2001 and with a background in fast punk/hardcore bands at the end of the nineties, White Circle Crime Club so far have released the noirish e.p. These Are The Secret Sounds Of Fear (2003), the rough-edged Written in Black (2005, mastered by Black Sabbath roadie Alan Ward) and A Present Perfect (2006). Their third full-length effort is called Pictures Of Stares (2008) and was again recorded in their own Blue Hotel studio in trappist beer pilgrimage Chimay (B) by Bert Aerts and mastered by Alan Douches (Liars, Oneida, Panda Bear, LCD Soundsystem, Bad Brains) in NY.

With their latest album, White Circle Crime Club have finally come home and for the first time musically succeeded in making a record that breathes one atmosphere throughout, in contrast with the eclectic, unfinished schizophrenia of a group still finding its feet on earlier efforts. Each and every one of the songs on Pictures Of Stares paints a pretty, abstract and dreamy picture, eloquently streamed consciousness full of love for time, travel and unreality, a focused vision on now/then/forever.

Before and after releasing A Present Perfect in September 2006, White Circle Crime Club joined TV on the Radio twice on a European stint. They also played a VPRO radio session and successfully toured on their own, always and everywhere celebrated for the honesty and ferocity shows are delivered with on stage. Early 2007, White Circle Crime Club toured the larger part of Western Europe (from Oslo to Lissabon) together with The Blood Brothers. In summer they jointly paid the UK a visit and played Belgium’s biggest alternative festival Pukkelpop. The Present Perfect year was significantly finished off with an improvisational set at the Kopstoot! exhibition in Amsterdam about underground art movements in Antwerp since the end of the 70s. White Circle Crime Club’s albums were all part of the exhibition and pieces of the improvisation of that night ended up on the last record.

Bands like White Circle Crime Club, willing to stick their neck out musically, lyrically and organisationally and confidently exposing a quality throughout whatever they do, cannot be cherished enough. As for their latest album Pictures Of Stares: there is much to discover, and to go back to, in the generous company of a document as beautiful as this.

Jack Sipps, Antwerp 2008.


The Islanders

Written By: White Circle Crime Club

Thin your ranks for gold now, we kindly eyed your idea last night. Waltzing tides are over, the words you'd like to sail are at sight. Silently the islanders come into town, calling all in all for falling in. Diamonds in the man, join in the chant: "I'll try my very best, your majesty." Some stones with me, typelessly underworked a part of myself. Our men are growing older, while songs, they fail to heal somehow. "Restlessly slipping, Symphony, waiting for the youth to see." Far apart, will buddy grow? On its own, call it unknown. Overnight I thought I'd fit. "Forget my name, you never know." Silently the islanders come into town, calling all in all for falling in. Diamond is the man I wanna meet now. "Keep your fleet en route, the modesty." Sunny, his voice goes through your hand, you could walk around to it. Is this why I wanna go? "First, it's a second to midnight. Save your legs, I'm coming home. Number three is what you see."

Up The Curtain

Written By: White Circle Crime Club

Wake me when they are going nowhere, dear. Before, odd hopes didn't chase someone just like that. We gathered taping kills, taxied many a patient. Our guests are up in the sky. Don't you realize there's truth in new waves? Bring up the curtain, please. I know there's better ways to better saviors. Bring up the curtain, please. Rare sensations will keep me in at this place. Bring up the curtain, please. Two make it allright to say we sold you. Bring up the curtain, please. Your echo in my moves, I don't know where it came from. Your echo in my moodswings, it echoes through my voice. Will you swear me it's today? I'm at his before sunrise. Unsung trails now so long ago. If you move me through the flood, do the right thing rapidly, I will not forget you two. Any other side of thinking's too late to be made. Bring up the curtain, please. I'm looking up the meaning of sleepless sinking. Bring up the curtain, please. A sudden upbeat's coldness is seducing. Bring up the curtain, please. Don't you steal the patience, it's all over. Bring up the curtain, please. We just got here, don't know where we came from. "Mythologize the ways.", it echoed through his face. We just got here, don't know where we came from. It echoes through my voice. It echoes through this space.

I Got No Wave

Written By: White Circle Crime Club

See me walking like a rocketeer. I'll try not to redefine walks. The concrete sea and these almighty fingers will be talked about. See me or not, I got no wave. Makes me dizzy, all on your own. A whole world in here is waiting to be skipped out. On one hand, you know what to do. See me, tall tree, I've got no winner. Will try -not reality- to arm your side already. These headquarters won't be up in clouds. See me or not, I got no wave. Makes me dizzy, all on your own. A whole world in here is waiting to be skipped out. On one hand, you know where to go.


Written By: White Circle Crime Club

We're mapless, going backwards to castles, waiting for the gift. Patient times to think about good thoughts without a trace. We're mapless, going backwards to castles, waiting for the gift. Angel hair made history hum with me, my higher love. I was in a team, sixteen, when my kind was on both sides. If you don't fall for seamless souls, go forth somehow. Good, no memory, you can repeat yr compliments. "I ran through the sand of a mile, you just needed trains." We're mapless, going backwards to castles, waiting for the gift. He came to me inside in silence, watched me waiting for your years. "There is no collection, no, the only one that can not reach out makes things kind of slow." Old portraits will let go. Oh hand, you're on the winning hand when constance shades a silhouette. A monumental mystery, but you said we're covered up. In morse. It's getting warmed at your feet. "Hey old world, here's your violent son. He's getting slowly woken up into welcome dreams." A calming trick through & truely spreads. Anytime comes soon. It's good here, though, and yes I mean that every time. For what it's worth, I'd say go forth.

Mary The Gun

Written By: White Circle Crime Club

When the mud ship was coming, the radio woke us. We talked about this Mary The Gun. With all crosses aside now, start out a doubt wave. "I'm going north, humans are waiting." "Expressway, protect me." "Hang on", she insisted. Excited to be done with exile. It just appeared in an ash tray when you were beginning, the charity of Mary The Gun. When does the shiner come here for good? "You've got the shape of a cowboy, consider the prairie", Mary The Gun said. He saw a light. I wiped out, departed, went looking for extras. I'll tell you when no one is watching. When does the shiner come here for good? I sank in your eyes, you talked and talked whenever wasted youth was howling. "We've got nowhere today to be close to me."

A Real Good Name

Written By: White Circle Crime Club

"Fight a chilly night, firetear." I make an open end face. Year old tunes I sing, I'm a worker for the man. "Baby, we glow under lips between a pearlsy case." Unravel it forever and my moments are derased. "In a fall's no fate", miss world untold. "My soon to be last bad meal was off and into flames." "There's a bench in the wand, who made it? I'm almost dead." Bear with the funny fountain's ego was decoded. White mornings last all day, we all wanted something new. Your friend, bold, "You're a witchess, first thing I can't explain. Why don't we change your face, mind boggling what you got. Why don't we change the way it goes with what I got?" In a small snowstate, a world unfolds. "Might soon call off our last bad deal, are you into planes?" There are marks in the sand. I get a fork, walk slowly, relatively interesting how it feels reloaded. The bride with puzzled chase drew herself in place. An actor looked like you, playing for demand. "Took the mouse with me, stooge sentenced in Nepal." Unravel it forever and my highlights will behave.


Written By: White Circle Crime Club

Was she awaiting what to do in Triangle Park? Nothing was left for you but pictures of stares, with only edge of colored horses feeding men, oh man. "Infinity, but it got lost in Stalker Forest. Gotta travel on." Is what she took for all the best, nostalgia walking out the door? Tried not to remember, in a whirlwind and off track, to wire happiness, when all there was to do was half finesse. Man was awaking, what to do with triangled parties in a murmur room? Objective proof was all they kept with many hands and a minimum of eyes. Let's get pebbles to pastors pleased to explain today. Sometimes it looks important. Some time it'll fade out right.

Children Inhale

Written By: White Circle Crime Club

Children inhale. When it's inside, all of your lives will be happening again. Let us lay downtown in your headlights. There's calmer ways of attracting the amused. I wake up into your eyes, waiting to sail the shore. "There. Where the light is on. Whatever it was, that must've been it." Call off our man when he's inside. Up where it matters, it's somewhat unusual. Sirens you haunt, I'm pleased to please: All of your life, I will stay a fresh young thief. Saved up all these stories, when does a past begin? Handed out the guidelines for waiting to be caught.


Written By: White Circle Crime Club

Can I walk into the light, can I have some more? Autocued all this great news, will I sympathize? Miracles, the goodness of some casted Greats. Radicals with things to do, can they paraphrase? Remember how he would read to make you rearrange. Hallelujah you, you left me in your plan. Can I warp it to delight, can I take someone? Can I God oh certainly I'd like to keep you in. Barricade these lovely holes, shall I have 'em closed? Gotta get to Westend's golden sea. Gonna leave these intentions behind. Hard to get to Westend, nobody puzzled out those incentives in mind. Buy me in at the End's harmony. Give a compliment and befriend. If we'd paradise and do the same, you know where I can be found. Can I quote "The Mystery Of Another Boat"? Can I quote, "I'll leave a note on your grill, as told". Can I quote? These huntermen will never go away. Can I go? I see it coming, but my eyes are closed.

Like A Bible To Me

Written By: White Circle Crime Club

"Don't be late, darkling from upstate." Out of focus, I combed your name into me. It just appeared here to be done. Firefly with me, put a nation on fire. I will suck in your lamplight and not one hole to get out, then I'll sit out your days. "What did they say?" "Give that child a shot", they said, "for taping fingers away." Well, it's hard to succeed in arcadian ways. ("I'll cut red shoeshine. Rain on my parade.") "Twelve streets, but can I ride your moon, light up the air, can I wing the end of you?" Who were we that we talked into the sun? New ideas sounded like a bible to me. First I see the everything, a landslide stands in the cold. When they're not born in here, they're beautiful. I will straighten ecstaticly and no one tries to get out. I could make you a flag, to burn this time.


Pictures Of Stares LP (2008)
A Present Perfect LP (2006)
Written In Black LP (2005)
These Are The Secret Sounds of Fear EP (2003)

Set List

Set list changes every show, most of the time around 40 minutes.
Might be:
1. Up The Curtain
2. I Got No Wave
3. A Present Perfect
4. Noharmy
5. Children Inhale
6. Mapless
7. Hit Parader
8. Stares
9. A Real Good Name