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White Devil

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White Devil is an instrumental rock band from Chicago, Illinois. Their latest release is a 5 song e.p. of sheer energy and aggression crammed into 22 minutes. White Devil however has had years of experience accompanying silent film for their performance in a more ambient, dynamic style.


The boys of White Devil (ex Sleeper, Passenger) have been haunting Chicagoland for years with their disturbingly beautiful and epic pieces that force imagery on the brains of listeners with no relent. Chaotic 3 minute pieces of hammering drums and guitar and bass onslaught side by side 12 minute ambiance is not atypical of the trio, obsessed with creating specific moods, characters, and places by way of sound. The band picked up in 2006 where Passenger, the 4 piece post-rock instrumental concept band with drummer Samuel Vincent and David D'Antonio on a second guitar, left off (myspace.com/theowlsarerestless), but leads Passenger's adventurous and sometimes euphoric melodies down a much darker alley that has seen the face of death and pain. This is surely a result of the merging of Passenger's more melodic sound with Mata, Covert, and D'Antonio's side project Sleeper ( a metal/thrash band including vocalist Jon Moreen ). Moreen parted with Sleeper summer of 2006 and White Devil took shape as a three piece instrumental. From 2006 to 2007 White Devil performed sporadically throughout Chicagoland managing to bring both the spacy, atmospheric feel of Passenger and the abrasive, chaos that was Sleeper to the stage, but no recordings were made until the release of the 5 song e.p. "How to Kill a Lion with a Slingshot" in 2008.

The release of "How to Kill a Lion with a Slingshot" in 2008 prompted White Devil's first tour through the Midwest and East Coast. Upon returning to Chicago White Devil continues to play their hometown and have begun writing their first full-length album which should be created and released by early 2009.

Aside from White Devil, D'Antonio, Covert, and Mata also specialize in film scoring which began when Passenger adopted silent film to accompany it's live performance. While playing rock shows will always be a part of their musical career, film scoring is their dream job. The three members also release tracks individually under their separate solo projects giving them the freedom to explore sounds that might not be heard on their collaborative projects.

The sounds produced by these musicians are distinct due to their passion for vintage equipment and the arsenal of vintage synthesizers and instruments they have collected over the years. Moags, Rhodes, Wurlitzers, Farfifsas, Oberheims, MPCs, space echoes, and plenty of vintage guitars and amps allow them to create sounds that have been forgotten by the mainstream.

The spectrum of tones, moods, and images produced in their recordings and live performances is as broad as comparing heaven and hell, but similar in the fact that it will always evoke emotion, and never ceases to capture an audience. D'Antonio, Mata, and Covert believe in a musical language as distinct as any other spoken language. If there is a place, a sight, a feeling, a smell, there is a note, a tone and an overdrive pedal for it.


Passenger - "Alive" - (passenger's debut 8 track album. "Alive" explores a disturbing view of love and romance and included vocals by David Mata.)

Passenger - "The Owls are Restless" - (passenger's second release, 20 tracks, two discs.) A two hour and forty minute concept record based on the fairy tale describing an ancient war between owls and rabbits written by Passenger's former drummer Samuel Vincent. Tracks range from 2 minutes to 32 minutes creating a spacious, dynamic, and emotional audible journey. (www.myspace.com/theowlsarerestless)

In The Depths - Streaming tracks performed, produced and recorded by Dustin Covert. Ambient solo guitar, solo acoustic, shoe gaze, singer-song-writer. (www.myspace.com/devive)

Sound&Fury - Streaming tracks performed produced and recorded by David D'Antonio. Experimental, Emotronic, Rock. (www.myspace.com/daviddantonio)

White Devil - "How to Kill a Lion with a Slingshot" (White Devil's 5 track debut). The powerful, energetic instrumental rock debut by White Devil. 5 tracks that condense roller coaster dynamics into tight, gritty guitar, bass and drum compositions. (free download www.HOWOTKILLALION.com , streaming tracks www.myspace.com/whitedevilchicago)

Set List

White Devil's typical set list is about a half an hour, 6 songs.

Members also frequent experimental music nights of improv at Marshall McGearty which sometimes last up to three hours.