White Drugs

White Drugs

 Denton, Texas, USA

Like 2 Vagina's kissin' momma. Like a train wreck on the tracks with a dash of acid, a dollop of garage, a little pork, a little pickle, a magic unicorn, and sum gum.


All rights, in regards to the reproductive capabilities and natures of any and all White Drugs members, media outlets, or derivations, are hereby labeled as Double Private. This in no way binds White Drugs to limit public exposure of private extensions inherent, in part or parcel, in any song, manner of being, personal proclivity or fetish. It, in fact, purports that the above be doubly excluded from direct sampling or reference by the public at large or private parties, however small and seemingly void of malicious intention. Furthermore, White Drugs would like to warn that infringement of this policy will warrant the removal of devices intended to conceal and constrain the Double Manly Powers of any and all White Drugs and their subsequent dependents, including, but not limited to spouses, significant others, relatives, domesticated animals, botched cooking experiments, attorneys, or record collections: Thus, dooming onlookers, passersby and the intended targets to a Double Shock of Double Manly Privacies*. Alas, though warned, many will attempt to tease this wriggling worm of destruction. As White Drugs releases, be they of pre-packaged consumer grade or spontaneous emission, bulge like horns of plenty, brimming with sticky titillations. The allure of which can be denied by no man, vaginal or penile. But, for the sake of society and humankind, White Drugs pleads, nay implores, that self control and emotional restraint be exercised at all costs, without thought to any consequence save the threat of the Double Shot of Double Manly Privacies.

*An occurrence not yet unleashed on western shores. If so inclined, curiosity seekers should reference the "D" volume of any encyclopedia. Any mention of death and absolute manly disaster should be attributed to the Double Shock of Double Manly Privacies, regardless of entries supplied by the author(s).


Harlem (Kunstwaffe)
Gold Magic (Amphetamine Reptile)
Dope Guns and Fucking in the Streets Vol. 12 w/The Thrown Ups, Vaz, Gay Witch Abortion, Boss Hog, etc.
35 Power split with Halo of Flies(Amphetamine Reptile)

Set List

22-26 min