White Elephant

White Elephant


A 5 piece rock band that delivers strong songwriting and hooks without comprising their originality. The music you have been waiting for.


"It’s rewarding to see how our sound has changed over the years. When we started playing together back in elementary school, we were inexperienced, naïve – we didn’t have a whole lot of direction. But we’re really fortunate to have survived all that. You’d have to hear it retroactively, but we’ve come along way as musicians and performers.”

“Our first demo was done at a low budget place in the east end of Burlington; Ten songs in two days, a whole lot of mistakes, and a whole lot of work - we ran the producer into the ground. We were satisfied with it for about a week, if that. Ultimately, it was that recording that made us realize we needed more musicians. You might consider it a musical milestone.”

“We’ve played everywhere and anywhere opportunity has allowed. Our music has earned a loyal following in our hometown. Events such as Youthfest, the Sound of Music, our CD Release Party with a crowd of 360 proved to us time and time again that we have an active and supportive fan base. Those are performances where it’s so critical to play your best, because those who love you the most are listening.”

“Aside from shows, we’ve been lucky to share our music in other ways. The live radio show we played in at Ryerson was awesome, gaining the experience of interviews and playing acoustically over the airwaves was definitely one of the cooler things we’ve done. Our music was also used on Xtreme Television for a promo they launched. It feels good to know people are listening. Our music is also trickling across the country with the help of friends, family and fans. It’s gratifying to know that there are people in Newfoundland and Alberta who know the words to a White Elephant song.”

”We’ve had the privilege of working with a multitude of talented producers such as Robin Aube (U2, Sarah Harmer, Ani DiFranco, The Killjoys) and Paul Inson (Disney). Both saw a lot of talent and wanted to work with us again in the future.”

“Before Art’s father Bruno passed away, he gave the greatest gift a supportive father could present to his son – our studio. This studio that we record and mix everything in was an incredible step for us creatively, but remains a bittersweet blessing nevertheless. It’s rare to have this kind of uninhibited control over our music; it’s what keeps us happy and allows us to continually develop as artists.”


Quiet Riot

Written By: White Elephant

Against my side, I hold your love in a t-shirt. I made it up and everything, so you won't bite. The chemicals that you delight have got me thinking, in these shoes that are never quite white.

Quiet Riot, you don't have the right. Pull the trigger, cause it's not worth the fight. I'd love to love you more.

I keep you under wraps; under my hat, and only take you out when i feel like robbing banks. As for you honey, you're all used up honey. Over-played, break-a-leg, i'm over you.

Written All Over Me

Written By: White Elephant

Playings kid's games underneath the lamp shades. I can kick and scream but the bed sheets are still calling your name.

Cheer up, cheer up now.
Wipe those television eyes.
Clean myself off somehow, cause you're written all over me.
This dear, its not what you want to hear. On any other day, you would never hear me say, goodbye.

Pull the smile that you know, all too well. Cast away doubt and remissions; keep me here, make me stay. I'd fly to see you, cum to please you, sacrifice my time and being. Wrapped up, soft touch, skin to skin, out of luck. Love the girl, my pig-tailed girl.


2002 - "Aubade"
2004 - "White Elephant