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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Creation of Peace"

28 August 2008, 16:57
“The idea of the festival “Creation of Peace” is peace as an alternative to war”

“The idea of the festival appeared about a year ago when I with Sergei Mirov discussed the situation in which the group “White flag” had found themselves. They have problems because the group comprises the citizens of Israel and Palestine. That is why they can work neither in Israel nor in Palestine. They have to work in Europe. At present the ventures on the religious and national basis take place very often. And we believe that it is music that can unite people.”

- Russian press


WhiteFlag has released one Album 'EXILE'
and are releasing their second album 'TALK' by the end of 2008
There is also a documentary; 'Making music with the enemy' that was produced and released in Switzerland by the Swiss national T.V, soon to be released on the international market.
Also, there is a DVD of a live show that took place in Luzerne Switzerland in July 2005 that is waiting for release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


WhiteFlag is unique for two reasons:
The combination of Palestinians and Israelis working together, demands patience and a willingness to explore areas of the music that are often unfamiliar to some of the musicians. Adding to this the desire to remain communicative and accessible in the music, demands a lot of exploration that ultimately allows WhiteFlag to develop its own special color in the music.

WhiteFlag performs in three languages; English Arabic and Hebrew often employing all three in the same song.

WhiteFlag by definition is an object of curiosity due to the political repercussions of Palestinians and Israelis making music together instead of war opposite one another.

WhiteFlag does not claim to be a peace band, but none the less represent a ray of light in a complex world and recognizes and stands behind their right to meet and perform together like any other band in the world, not an easy task when you have unfriendly boarders to cross just in order to have a rehearsal.

WhiteFlag's influences are the traditions from home combined with the global influences of popular music that we are all exposed to thru' the radio and T.V.
We like to say that we are playing our kind of Rock 'n' Roll.

Finally, WhiteFlag has been working together since 1998 and in spite of enormous difficulties just to meet, we have managed to continue to work and meet in spite of all the difficulties involved and have shown determination and commitment to one and other and the music we make together.