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Salem, Oregon, United States | INDIE

Salem, Oregon, United States | INDIE
Duo Rock Classic Rock




"White Fort in Irkutsk"

"Perfect teamwork, mutual understanding, gone beyond the level of words, onto some kind of internal vibrations."

"Despite the fact that Yuriy and Artyom are in excellent physical shape, it was evident that they were damn tired. This is probably our Siberian feature: flat out to exhaustion."
- Irkutsk Press

"White Fort Plays Bend"

"Matveyev plays his acoustic guitar like a madman, driving the sound with his percussive style. And Yakushenko uses his electric fiddle to build melodies that soar into the stratosphere, while at the same time retaining a certain quality that reminds you where these guys honed their chops." - Bend Bulletin, Nov 16, 2012

"*Editor's Album Review -Out of Nowhere*"

"A rapturous response from audiences in clubs and on the streets of Manhattan...Tight, original, and strangely hooky." - allmusic.com

"*Album Review-6/8*"

"Speed violin & unplugged guitar create a gypsy/metal sound that bring on the adrenaline rush." - NY Waste, Winter 2012 ed.

"First Place: Instrumental Category"

Congratulations! It is my honor and pleasure to personally inform you that the song "6/8" has won First Place in the Instrumental category in the 2011 International Songwriting Competition. With over 16,000 entries from 112 countries, this is a remarkable achievement, and ISC and its judges applaud the skill and dedication to the craft of songwriting that this win has proven.

- International Songwriting Competition

"Video Shout-Out on NME"

Live performance with the Goatika Creative Lab at the Lilliput Cafe, Goa, India. - NME.com

"To Russia With Love (March 2012)"

"The most notable musicians in the area ar a classical-folk-jazz duo that goes by three different names: Bely Ostrog; its English translation of ‘White Fort’; and ‘Two Siberians.’ It’s like these two guys are their own orchestra. I can definitely identify them playing, respectively, electric guitar and a strange kind of violin (also electric, it would appear) that is new to me. Good sound, beautiful, in fact." - Terrabeat, LouisvilleMusic.org

"White Fort: Two Siberians on the Road"

"Jimi Hendrix reincarnated on violin, and Led Zeppelin’s secret Siberian twin on guitar. " - Willamette University blog

"October 2012: Pasadena, CA review"

Exploded onto the stage with a ferocious energy and impressive technical skill ... From filling up every inch of the room with thundering notes to stripping the music down the bare essentials, enrapturing the audience with a few carefully plucked notes. - Life in LA


1995: Peculiar Reality (LP, Russia.)
1996: Ancient Cave (LP, Russia. This and all subsequent albums released in Russia were released under the band name "Belyi Ostrog," the Russian words for White Fort).
1997: Forgotten Name (LP, Russia)
2000: Out of the Woods (Demo CD, USA. This album was released under the band name "Two Siberians")
2001: My Green Love (Ballet score, Russia)
2002: Two from Siberia (LP, Russia)
2002: Next 2 (TV series soundtrack, Russia)
2003: Next 3 (TV series soundtrack, Russia)
2004: Two Kings (LP, Russia)
2005: Out of Nowhere (LP, USA. This album was released under "Two Siberians")
2005: 6/8 (LP, Russia)
2006: Duke of Montenegro (Film soundtrack, Russia)
2011: Two Kings (LP, USA)
2012: 6/8 (LP, USA)

White Fort's music streams online at Pandora and LastFM.



The musicians of White Fort hail from Irkutsk, Siberia. As young Soviet citizens, Artyom Yakushenko and Yuriy Matveyev began studying classical music in grade school. They spent many long, dark winters on the steppes with nothing to do but practice, practice, practice.

The Iron Curtain couldn't hold out rock and roll, though, and soon Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles were sharing a gallon of vodka with Mozart and Tchaikovsky.

The result? White Fort--a unique hybrid of rock, folk, and classical music, propelled by a Russian ethnic pulse and rocket fuel.

The boys have come a long way from Siberia, with a dozen albums and numerous local, national, and international awards over their 25-year career. They've toured worldwide, from NYC's Lincoln Center to the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.

According to MTV producer Maty Fernandez, "These two guys do what it takes Dave Matthews five guys to do."

White Fort returned to the USA in autumn of 2012 for their first tour of the West Coast. Look for them in the summer of 2013 on their nationwide tour!


--First Place, 2011 International Songwriting Competition (Instrumental category).

--Musician of the Year 2012, RAW Portland Artists Showcase.

--Grand Prize winner, Tom Jackson Song Makeover contest on Broadjam, March 2012.

--Fusion Song of the Month on Broadjam.com, Nov. 2011.

--Crowd Favorite Award, Rochester International Jazz Festival, 2003.

--Golden Mask Award (Russian national music and theater award) for their Children's Theater score, "Winter's Tale," 2003.

--Golden Mask Nomination for their ballet, "My Green Love," 2000.


"A uniquely gifted group with a proven track record... they represent the pinnacle of international musicianship." Candace Avery / Director, International Songwriting Competition

"A stunning new fusion between cultures and idioms.... with their dazzling unisons, the two Siberians bring depth, virtuosity and great melodies to a new place." Bill Milkowski / Rolling Stone music critic

"A rapturous response from audiences in clubs and on the streets of Manhattan...Tight, original, and strangely hooky." Rick Anderson / allmusic.com

"An original sound, great tunes, complete command over their instruments - and seemingly propelled by rocket fuel." Eight-time GRAMMY winner Michael Brecker

"I was awestruck. Everyone was awestruck." GRAMMY winning producer Russ Titelman

"Original and fresh and with an improbable broad appeal, I have not seen or heard anything quite like this. It's amazing how much energy comes from these two guys." Dan Melnick / Absolutely Live