White Ghost Shivers

White Ghost Shivers

 Utica, Michigan, USA


Imagine a smorgasbord of Cab Calloway, circus sideshow, KISS, cabaret, Hee Haw and Robert Johnson served up at Andy Kaufman's bat-mitzvah. A joyous mixture of the absurd and sublime, the seven-piece ensemble gracefully blends a musical amalgam of Hokum Blues, Hillbilly Swing, Country and Hot Jazz. Make sure and check out the VIDEO section to see the troops in hot action...

White Ghost Shivers have won an Austin Music Award for five years running. Most recently, at the 2012 Austin Music Awards, the band won for the "Best None of the Above" category, placed second in "Jazz", and received various individual awards. Cella Blue placed third in overall "Female Vocals", Jonathan Doyle placed ninth in "Horns", and Westen Borghesi placed 4th for "Miscellaneous Instrument". Also, Will Wynn, Austin's Mayor, has deemed November 16th as "White Ghost Shivers Day".

White Ghost Shivers have toured Europe twice and have been deemed by many as "The Best Band in the World", due to their outrageously entertaining live shows coupled with crippling musical ability.

White Ghost Shivers opened for CAKE on New Year's Eve 2010 in Austin, and for "Kitty, Daisy, Lewis" on New Year's Eve 2009 in Berlin.

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2003-"Hokum If You Gottem" Lp
2005-"Live on the Radio" Lp
2006-"Everyone's Got 'Em" Lp
2007-"Killing Tradition" Rock Ep
2007-"Flim Flam Follies" DVD
2012-"Nobody Loves You Like We Do" Lp

Set List

White Ghost Shivers is capable of playing any event in the world.

You name it, we play it...

* clubs
* performing arts centers
* weddings
* colleges and universities
* birthday parties
* private functions
* community concert halls
* festivals
* theatrical productions
* rodeos
* baby showers
* and yes, your event, too!

We can be adult oriented, kid-friendly, or both.

Our services are available anytime from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

We are here for you!

To book the White Ghost Shivers, contact us via email at booking@whiteghostshivers.com.

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