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Henderson, Nevada, United States | INDIE

Henderson, Nevada, United States | INDIE
Band Latin Adult Contemporary


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Whitehouse-Album GAMES"

Whitehouse will make you feel good. Take a listen to “The Games That People Play” It’s from their new CD “GAMES”. - Music Forte

"THE SHIELD-U.S.TV series"

Congratulations for cuentan que el, a very very great moment in the shield, perfect with your music!
- Shield fans on my space

"Whitehouse-Artist Launch Magazine"

Artist Launch Magazine


by Joey Stuckey

I don´t know why the band is called
Whitehouse,but perhaps a better name .
would be the United Nations,as the band
lives in Germany but with members
hailing from not only there,but also
Australia and Spain.

First,let me say that the guitar work
is the best I´ve heard this year,I love it
and it is obvious that Stephan Simon
and Jose Amigo have spent time
working on their craft.

The guitar duo of Whitehouse provides
the listener with alot to take in.From
very Western pop guitar like you
might find on Richard Marks or Chicago
album to blazing flamenco runs and
licks.For guitar lovers the guys just
got to be heard.

The songs are sung in both Spanish
and English by vocalist Jose Amigo.I
don´t speak spanish,but when Jose sings
in that language,the music vocally comes
alive.I would imagine that it is because of
the flow of syllables in Spanish is different
than English and the vocals just seem to
feel more true both rhythmically and
melodically when Jose sings in his
native tongue.

The bass is well done by Jerry Loeffler
and fills in the botom with perfection.
Jerry also builts custom guitars,which
is something I wish I could do.

I saved the best for last.Yes,the
drumming is damn close to world class
and provides a rich rhythmic tapestry,
so the music really grooves.Raimund
Breitfeld,the extraordinary drummer of
which I speak,should be a world class
musician with his background of a
classical pianist mother and his early
indoctrination with guitar lessons at the
ripe old age of four.He continued his
education until he became an accredited
music teacher in his own right teaching
in Germany,Spain and Sweden.

The sound of the band is unique
without trying to be that way.I love the
blend of styles they have meshed
together.It´s interesting for those that are
music afficionados,yet,still compelling
for those that are avid terrestrial radio

I don´t know how to really describe
their sound,you just need to take a
moment and check it out for yourself;
however,I will say that you need to like a
bit of Spanish musical stylings.Even if
you don´t though,I still suggest you
check them out,as it would be worth
your while.

It´s a real testament to the true
dedication and talent of the players in
Whitehouse that they come from so
many different backgrounds and yet
they all can relate to each other and
make music,that,despite is disparate
elements,does have a sense of

Their current releases,Games is
avaiable where you would expect to see
Indie CD´s and it is well worth a visit to
their CDbaby page to check out their
audio clips.

- Artist Launch Magazine

"Whitehouse finalist within 15 categories of the Effigy Award"

Award Summary for Whitehouse
Artist Finalist
Best Overall Artist
Best Group
Best Artist in Style - Latin
Most Popular Artist
Most Popular Band
Best FG Profile
Song Finalist
"Nobody To Blame" - Best Song in Style - Country
"The Games That People Play" - Best Song in Style - Rock L
"Terrina" - Best Overall Song
"Terrina" - Best Production
"Terrina" - Best Songwriting
"Terrina" - Best Song in Style - Power Ballad
"Terrina" - Most Popular Song
"Sol En El Portal" - Best Song in Style - Jazz Funk
"Deep" - Best Song in Style - Rock L
- Meermusic

"Gonna make it up to you-Review"

Gonna Make It Up To You reviewed by RadioIndy.com ! POSTED ON: 16 Sep 2009

Whitehouse releases their latest single, “Gonna Make It Up To You,” brimming with Pop/Rock style and attitude.
This song has many musical attributes which gives it character and will have you singing along in no time. Listen as the bass line provides a groovy, yet steady and solid rhythm. The vocals are straight up with clean and crisp clarity as the well written lyrics come to life. The excellent supporting harmonies compliment the lead vocals on not only the verse but on the chorus also. The chorus kicks in with a strong and solid punch as the instruments captures the energy and enthusiasm this song has to offer. Don’t miss a chance to hear the latest release “Gonna Make It Up To You,” as it will leave you wanting to hear more selections from this talented group.
Gonna make it up to you is among others avaiable on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby
-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
- Radio Indy

"Whitehouse-Album GAMES"

Reviews: Whitehouse ~ Games
Posted on Monday, July 09, 2007 @ 00:36:46 EDT
Topic: Reviews

Artist: Whitehouse

CD: Games

Home: Nürnberg, Germany

Style: Latin - English/Spanish

Quote: "I was so lost in the Latin-styled music that I forgot that this was a band from Germany."

By Denise Squier

Whitehouse’s release Games has a definite Latin feel about it, which their unique music/vocal combination has landed them a song (“Cuentan que Él”) on the TV series The Shield. From the first track, “The Games that People Play," to the last track, “I Wonder Where You are Tonight," I was so lost in the Latin-styled music that I forgot that this was a band from Germany.

The strength of this CD is definitely the instrument work. From the classical guitars to the piano, I thoroughly enjoyed the music. The vocals remind me a little of the band Boston, which, to me, didn’t really fit the Latin music behind the vocals. (Honestly, I would have enjoyed the CD more if it would have been instrumental project.) But, the main weakness of this CD was the fact that so many of the tunes were too long; I, personally, don’t mind a seven minute song, but a lot of radio stations will.

Games is a well-produced, well-mastered project. If you are a fan of Latin music, Whitehouse is worth a listen.
Buy at CD Baby
Indie-Music Profile

Artist Website: http://www.whitehouse-music.com

- Indie-Music.com

"Cuentan que el"

Amie Street, June 2007
Spinning/picking that Spanish guitar style through a well-echoed electric, and finding a mood piece that hooks.
A Recommendation by CraigH

Excellent production as always. Very cool that you got this on The Shield! How did you manage that? Also, could you post the lyrics when you have time? For some of us, our reading/writing is better than our speaking/listening en espanol... Like this one! –Heidi
BBS Radio Maj,7th 2007
I listened to all your music... THANK YOU SO MUCH... I simpy loved the song
Cuentan que el, which we will spin on the network! OUTSTANDING!

- BBS Radio,Amie Street

"Whitehouse on 21st Century Artists"

Whitehouse is like one of those radio jewels one stumbles upon while driving across the vast United States, except they are better, splendid. Original music at it foremost.

And we have them here on 21stCenturyArtists.com _ Hollywood MUSIC Master
- 21st Century Artists

"Whitehouse gets a leg up over Major Label Artists"

Whitehouse gets a leg up over Major Label Artists
Posted in July 26th, 2008
by admin in Artist News Wordpress
It’s always exciting to see an artist take control of their careers and move with the professionalism that has Major Labels scratching their heads wondering where they missed the boat.
Whitehouse, with a blend of English and Spanish lyricism, is finding their way into a major arena of publicity. With a unique blend of influences crossing over classical, rock, and classic rock styles.
Although they are no strangers to worldwide publicity (a variety of music publications and air-play around the world), they have taken more affirmative action by securing a television spot with "The Shield".
The Shield is played on the FX network in the US and other networks Internationally. The show has recieved wide recognition for it’s controversial portrayal of corruption in the Los Angeles police department. With several Emmy nominations, and the contributions of extended roles from notable film actors such as Glenn Close and Forest Whitaker, it provides a great publicity opportunity for the band.
Whitehouse’s current release, "Games", features 14 tracks and includes the televised song, "Cuentan que el". The CD, "Games", is available at Music Forte today.
For more information and booking, be sure to visit the Whitehouse Official Website.
- Wordpress- Music forte

"Whitehouse album Games reviewed by Bullfrog Music"

Games, Whitehouse
Published by admin aug 2008 under Pop, Uncategorized
Jeremiah Sutherland / Bullfrog music
Physics geeks like to distinguish between potential and kinetic energy…a ball on a table is all potential energy…a ball falling through the air has kinetic energy. The term “potential” is overused in the entertainment biz so I’m not going to use it here…Whitehouse is all kinetic energy. Listening to this CD is like taking the local express train to music Nirvana.
The band members come from all over and have lived all over: Spain, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Sweden. They are Men Of The World and the music they make is cosmopolitan, varied and accomplished. The songs are a mix of English and Spanish language lyrics with good ballads, Western-style guitar riffs and, I think, just a touch of African spices added.
There’s some affecting Spanish ballads (and ballads always sound great when sung in one of the Latin languages) that are performed with feeling and skill. But don’t get the idea that this album is just Latin. In fact, the Latin rhythms don’t put in an appearance as the main feature of all the songs (that would be too easy…and boring).
Added to the feast is some good old fashioned Pop music combined with thoughtful lyrics and creative arrangements. You get horns showing up occasionally, not dominating the mix, but acting as counterpoint to everything else that’s going on. The horn thing seems to be making comeback (listen to Jeffy Jolly’s work for Blues horn examples) and I think we should welcome it.
I particularly enjoyed “The Games People Play”, “Nobody To Blame” (sounds like anything from Al Stewart’s “Year of the Cat”) and “Sol En El Portal”.
Summary: A cheeky confection, unassuming yet assertive, lingers on the ears with a smooth satisfying finish. Enjoy with care as you may become dependent. Do not consume while driving as you will want room to shake your assets.
- Bullfrog Music


Whitehouse�s album GAMES-where you will find hot summer sounds, and a unique take on human relationships in these sexy songs expressed in both English and sultry Spanish. However you will not find only the usual themes here, but also songs featuring the hard life of the Galician fisherman �Terrina-, or the ups and downs of people as in the song-The games that people play- as well as the dreamful-Deep.
Includes Cuentan que el of the U.S.TV.series THE SHIELD.
14 songs!
Latest Single Gonna Make It Up To You released Sept 1 through Black Mountain Records (USA)

Radio Indy
Wow - Games is a gem! Whitehouse�s musicianship on this CD is very impressive. The music on the CD has many layers blended together to create a very rich sound, which is nicely highlighted by outstanding vocals. The recording quality and production are top quality. The songwriting is excellent, with thought-provoking lyrics and memorable melodies above an excellent groove. The varied genre of the songs, from adult rock to latin pop, shows the band�s versatility and will keep your interest throughout. "Nobody to Blame" is an outstanding adult rock song that builds to a wonderful groove and hook-filled chorus. "No Me Quejo" is a memorable latin pop song with a catchy chorus. If you enjoy adult rock, adult pop, or latin pop you will enjoy this CD. Pick up a copy today!

Stay in the box
CD by Matchbox Recordings UK
Includes the song Nobody to blame of the album GAMES



The U.S. band WHITEHOUSE appears with a blend of English and Spanish lyricism and with a unique blend of influences crossing over classical, pop-rock, and classic rock styles.
Although they are no strangers to worldwide publicity (a variety of music publications and air-play around the world), they have taken more affirmative action by securing a television spot with "The Shield".
The Shield is played on the FX network in the US and other networks Internationally. With several Emmy nominations, and the contributions of extended roles from notable film actors such as Glenn Close and Forest Whitaker, it provided a great publicity opportunity for the band.
For their new single Gonna Make It Up To You they had Grammy winning producer Randy Miller on board.
The supporting harmonies are sung by Pop and Jazz singer Sandy Stewart.