White Knight

White Knight

 Owensboro, Kentucky, USA

White Knight plays an energetic style of music that blends indie rock sensibilities with heavy riffs, improvisation, and overtones of seventies psychedelia. Live performances from the four-piece (which includes an electric cellist) feature adventurous jams and a fluid on-stage chemistry.


White Knight began in 2010 when three friends decided to take casual jamming and add structure and substance to create original songs. After playing a few local shows, the band decided that feedback was positive enough to warrant the recording of a demo. The April 2010 demo was comprised of three tracks, all of which were later re-recorded and released on the full-length debut Astronomica. Not long after, a lucky meeting with a local cellist precipitated the formation of a quartet lineup, with Joshua Orion Johnson/Arnold on bass and keyboards, Lucas Raff on cello and bass, Cade Howard on guitar, and Zaq Williamson on drums. Every member began to share vocal duties, and over the next year the White Knight sound was perfected.
In early 2011, the band decided to record a proper album at a local studio. After months of painstaking engineering under the creative direction of the members, White Knight's full-length debut Astronomica was released on March 17, 2012. Featuring seven interconnected songs, the album is a unified statement of the band's unpredictability, ranging from beatles-esque pop sensibilities to heavy rock riffs and avant-garde psychedelic jams.


Creature of Science

Written By: White Knight

I am a creature of science, and I've never believed what I could not plainly perceive
I have discovered a secret that all have sought for but none have received
They're all stricken with awe, all of their mouths ajar
Someone has poisoned my children, how they toss and moan and their mouths are filled with foam
I am not safe in my home, I must leave this planet and learn to survive on my own
They're all stricken with awe, all of their mouths ajar
I know, I know, I know
The secret to your soul
Your mind is made up by remote control
Your transistors tell you where to go, oh no
We will stay reflections of ourselves from better days
Some way my soul will sound through that confounding maze
To gaze beyond the darkest depths of every cave
I'll save the people that you care for from the grave
Be brave, and rise up to receive for what you gave
Be brave, shake off your shackles, be no more a slave


Written By: White Knight

It's hard to believe that paradise is just around the corner
Just close your eyes and everything will turn out for the better
Tic-toc, tic-toc, stare at the clock for a while
Sit there with a cool and complacent smile
And you cry in your mind while you laugh all the time
And you swear that you're just doing fine

Sometimes we fall down, but then we get back up again
One by one you wave goodbye to all your little friends
Nowhere seems a lovely place to go
Why not just drop by and say hello?
Well I may go to Venice and I may go to Rome
But I swear that I will never go back home

You can't live on Jupiter, you can't live on

How did you ever get by before you were so sedated?
I'd love to get it all cleaned up, but it's just so complicated
Gray and dusty cobwebs on the wall
Several broken bottles in the hall
No-one ever bothered to tell me when to halt
And I swear that it wasn't my fault

Deep Blue

Written By: White Knight

Far from the edge of land I will be
Safe and sound on some soundless sea
Distance defined by deep shades of blue
No-one believes me when I tell them that I can see
All of these strangers following me
Everyone tells me I'm losing my mind
But I know it's real, and there are some who know I'm not lying
And they tell the whole world I am
The truth remains undisclosed

I said you'll never take me alive, I won't go in peace
I know that somebody sold me out to the secret police
All the authorities kicked down everyone's door on the street
And they burned down all the places where we used to meet
After they found me they tied me up and put me on display
Regular people all turned their heads and they just looked away

Mechanical Man

Written By: White Knight

They walk among us, the mechanical men are all wolves in sheep skin on the surface
With perfect immunity they never knew any need
I've seen the self-sustaining automatic people standing next to me in line
They simulate mastication in their minds
And I know it's a lie, I know it's a lie
They imitate us, replicate our actions in vain
They invade us, consuming our nutrients and I can't understand why
I've seen the self-sustaining automatic people standing next to me in line
They simulate mastication in their minds

Someday I will pull off all your skin, and you will be a robot underneath

And you're not the only one, no you're not the only one
I have seen your chrome skeleton
I know that you will defeat me with your ray gun
I've become what I was told to run from
They're disgusting and I hate every last one
Mechanical man


Written By: White Knight

Now I can see
Though I may cease to be
Io has won
Made atoms of me

Let there be night
Absence of light
Silence my tongue
Make blind my sight

The Giant's Cave

Written By: White Knight

You think you know the reason and the rhyme behind the door you cannot see
In between the walls in silent golden halls, locked away without a key
Universal laws command us and demand that entropy will conquer all
Orbital decay will indicate someday that all of our moons will fall
Planet-bound I'm falling to the ground and I can see the surface drawing near
Rushing air and screaming wind surrounds my body and my mind is filled with fear

I'm petrified
My eyes are open wide
The giant drops its jaw
And pulls me inside

Deep inside the giant's cave I found a sign
A simple mark of human design
The work of my own hand and my own mind
An imitation of mankind
Now I've fallen down too far
And you can try to hide, but I know what you are
I know what you are


3 Song Demo - April 2010
Self-Released Full-Length Album: Astronomica - May 2012