White Light

White Light


We manufacture inspiration. We produced a concept album that addresses what many of us are thinking about.


White Light is a supergroup of Cincinnati veteran musicians. Whitney Barricklow, the voice of the trio, won the 2005 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Singer/Songwriter. George Eninger has played ethereal guitar for such notable acts as Kohai and Sleepybird, and Mark Szabo has played drums and guitar for bands like Water, Kohai, and the Whitney Barricklow Band.


White Light has produced and recorded their own first effort, "The Rise and Fall of an Imaginary Empire". The debut disc is a concept album covering a subject many people in today's society are interested in - change.

Set List

In the Beginning
There is Nothing More
Over Me
Ivory Towers
Something for the Boys and Girls to Imitate
The Calm
White Light